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New York: So nice you have to look twice     

New York: So nice you have to look twice

We all know New York as the Big Apple; home to the Empire State, Central Park, and the Statue of Liberty. However, as is the case with most big cities, there is a side that we often do not get to see at first glance. We have to dig deep, brave the dark alleyway, or step out of the crowd in order to see the raw state of the city. A raw beauty can only be seen when you leave the travel guides behind and take a walk down the path less traveled by.


New York is known for its pizza, cheesecake, hot dogs, and pretzels. So why not learn to make your own pizza at Pizza a Casa Pizza School. This is a skill you can take back home with you and impress future guests with; everybody loves pizza. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the concrete jungle you can always pack a picnic basket, find a rooftop garden, and breathe in some fresh air.


Yes, New York has a brutal history of murders and gangs and other violent things, but there is also a beautiful aspect to its past. The subway station beneath City Hall is no longer a functioning train station, but instead it transports visitors back in time. If you prefer the more morbid side of New York’s history, take a trolley tour of Green-Wood Cemetery. In Paley Park you can see pieces of the Berlin Wall which have become a public mural; an interesting collision of the past and present, of freedom and entrapment.


The Australian city Adelaide prides itself in many weird and wonderful things; one of which is its whispering wall. It is a giant dam wall that becomes a mode of communication when one person stands at one end and another stands at the other. Believe it or not, they can clearly hear what the other is whispering into the wall. Did you know that New York has its own whispering wall in the Grand Central Terminal opposite the Oyster Bar and Restaurant? Despite Grand Central being so busy and noisy, it is still possible to hear what is being whispered.


Many people who have endured hardship in their lives move to America in hopes of brighter prospects for themselves or for their families. New York is the place of dreams and it is where people go to make it big. It is a melting pot in every sense of the phrase, but still remains culturally diverse. Venture through China Town or Little Italy to see for yourself how culture can both adapt or change.


Up for a bit of a scary trip? Check out the Staten Island Boat Graveyard. If you have ever heard of the Skeleton Coast along the Namibian shoreline in Africa, you will understand why this graveyard is both fascinating and spooky. Decomposing, rusted ships make for great photographs, especially if you are looking to create chilling images. For more photo opportunities, why not travel across the Hudson (a few minutes by car via the underground tunnel) to New Jersey where you have a perfect view of the skyline.


New York is renowned for its big attitude, big buildings, and big showcases. There are things that often get overshadowed by the extravagant and so we take a closer look at the hidden gems of New York.

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