Must-visit places around the world for stargazers

Stargazing is one of the world’s most enchanting, stresses busting activity. The idea of gazing stars is intriguing in itself. But the best conditions of stargazing are in very remote areas with less population and pollution. The places with less housing facilities and are only limited to small inns or maybe some outdoor camp sites. So, you need to know about special places where you can enjoy stargazing without any commotion of the outer world. Here we have combined a list of such places.


  1. Cherry Springs State Park – How about a place completely dedicated to star lovers? The amazing 48-acre Cherry Springs State Park, Pa is flooded with stargazers as it is considered to be one of the best locations to watch the untouched beauty of clear night sky and which also include the spectacular view of the Milky way Galaxy’s nucleus. The place does not have any air traffic, overhead electrical lines or any other park lighting distractions and it is completely designated for stargazing. Located on the top of a mountain, the park is about 2300 foot above the ground surface offering you a completely clear and 360 degree view of the dark night sky.


  1. Natural Bridges National Monument- Next is the spectacular Natural Bridges National Monument in Utah. The little park is said to have Bortle class 2 skies, which means you get watch the brilliant Milky Way’s two distinct structure and that too without any telescopes. You can also witness the whitish glow of the amazing zodiacal light that is quite bright that it cast shadows. All these amazing features are why the park won the International Dark Sky Associations designation of International Dark Sky Park. The spectacular park is a must visit destination for every stargazer.


  1. International Dark Sky reserve- Designated as International Dark Sky reserve, the magnificent Mont-Mégantic National Park in Quebec, Canada is quite known for its stargazing facilities. The national park is solely dedicated to preserve the excellent night sky conditions. Mont-Mégantic is popular for its unhindered view of the clear night skies. The place also owns a huge ASTRO Lab which is an astronomy interpretation center offering you knowledge about stars, universe, galaxies and much more. The Lab is open to the public audience.


  1. New South Wales, Australia – You can visit an amazing place for stargazing in the middle of woodlands of New South Wales, Australia. The place is built on 100 square acre land area that is clear, well protected and fully dedicated to star lovers. The amazing place is owned by astronomers and is the home to clear and darkest skies that are ideal for stargazing. The area has very less population count and almost no pollution, which is why the skies are so clear at night. So make sure you enjoy this amazing opportunity of getting lost in the stars.


  1. Hawaii – If you want to enjoy your vacation and get a clear view of the stars then nothings better than a wonderful getaway at Hawaii. The beautiful destination offers you a number of perfect stargazing opportunities. Mauna Kea in Hawaii owns one of the largest observatories in the world. So, pack your bags and get ready for the perfect holidaying destination.


  1. Valentina Island- Stargazing! Then how about the clear dark skies of Ireland especially the skies surrounding the western coast are pretty dark and clear. You will be astonished on looking at those cloudless clear dark skies, making Valentina Island in Ireland the most popular stargazing destination. Tourists and stargazers from all around the world go on camping trips just to view the amazing bright stars over the skies.


  1. Atacama desert – You might find it difficult to climb the high altitudes and breath some dry air but in the Atacama desert, Chile you can experience some breathtaking stargazing views. The place is neither populated nor polluted so, the skies are perfectly clear and absolutely dark making it the idealistic place to check out for stars. The Observation center Cerro Mamalluca is must visit as it offers public tours and you get all kind of info on stars.


  1. Joshua Tree National Park – Joshua Tree National Park is famous among stargazers as it offers a clear view of the Milky Way. The park is one of the perfect places in the world only built for stargazing. The cleanest skies over the national park made the park best place for the Andromeda Astronomical Society monthly stargazing party. If you are visiting California then the national park should be on your ‘must-see’ list.


  1. Southern Africa – Southern Africa has many ideal destinations which are only meant for stargazing. The minimal population and clear skies surrounding the areas make the location often travelled by stargazers. When you head towards Cape Town or any other areas like Sutherland you will discover the brilliantly designed South African Astronomical observatory fitted with latest design telescopes and hi tech instruments. Stargazers can learn a lot from dedicated astronomers, which makes the place one ideal destination for all budding stargazers.






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