Must visit attractions at Ocean City, Maryland

Don’t know where to spend your summer vacation? Ocean City in Maryland is the place to be which offers everything from luxury hotels, nightclubs, great beaches and entertainment. Want to plan your trip ahead but you have no idea of what you could do in this beautiful city? Well then read through this article and you will know what to do there.

walk down the Ocean City Boardwalk

Definitely a must is having a walk down the Ocean City Boardwalk. It is very long and wide and it is always crowded. Even after more than 100 years from its construction, the Boardwalk is the place to be after the “hard day” on the beach. Having a stroll down the Boardwalk in the evening and looking at the beautiful scenery of the ocean – this is such a blast.

While we are on the beach theme, take some time and head directly to the public beach. There are no entrance fees so it can be somewhat crowded, but that is the beauty of the summer, isn’t it? Enjoy a day of tanning and lying on the beach or if you prefer a bit more active day dive into the water for some swimming or even surfing.

Jet Boat

You like high speeds and water? Then you should definitely rent a Jet Boat or a Pontoon Boat and cut through the blue waters. Usually this activity is more preferred by the young and furious but who cares? If you love it, then it is definitely a must.

If you love the nature and camping life, then head to the Assateague Island. The National Park is located very close to the Ocean City and if you decide to head there, you can enjoy watching packs of wild horses running free on the beach. It is an awesome place to stay for a night if you enjoy being in the nature.


Try to plan your summer trip in July and August. During those months, the city’s beach becomes the place to be with the free concerts, which are held there. Ocean City Department of Recreation and Parks will offer you different music performances like tributes to Elis and Rod Steward and other great voices. Not to miss are the Labor Day Weekend concerts.

And if you think that Ocean City is a great place to be only in the summer, you are wrong. During the months of November, December and January you can enjoy the Winterfest of Lights. The whole city will be filled with tens of thousands of light bulbs, which create incredible sceneries and arches along the city’s streets.

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