Most picturesque glaciers in the world

With the increasing issue of global warming, the glaciers across the globe are facing the threat of extinction at every moment. If you still have not tasted the beauty of those enormous chunks of blue, pink or white ices with your own eyes, it is time for you to make hurry.

Glaciers in Antarctica

Antarctica, the continent found in the southernmost section of the earth, is always the best place to watch some wonderful glaciers. And Neko Harbour, the small yet beautiful inlet on the Andvord Bay, is known to be the most wondrous site in the continent where glacier lovers can enjoy to the fullest. It is located on the west coastline of the Graham Land. There are oversized glaciers present at the base of the Neko Harbour, which remains under huge pressure due to the weight of the snow. Hence, they get melted and fall into the ocean to form broad ice walls of hundred or even thousand feet long. The crashing sounds of glaciers are so loud that it can be heard even from a long distance (as much as 500 feet). When the temperature falls dramatically at the Neko Harbour as well as its adjacent Paradise Bay, the scenic views of these glaciers becomes supernatural.

Biafo Glacier

Apart from the glaciers found in the Polar Regions, Biafo Glacier is also considered as one of the most picturesque glaciers on the earth. Situated in the magnificent Karakoram Mountains, this 63 km long glacier is truly one of its kinds in Pakistan. Biafo is very close to the Gilgit – Baltistan and the entire region has become highly popular among the adrenalin-junkies for its receding glaciers and breathtaking views. Therefore, if you are an adventure lover and are ready to explore the outstanding beauty of the snow lakes, give the Biafo Glacier a try. However, it is always recommended that you seek the help of an expert before starting off as the way to Biafo is full of dangers.

Glacier Bay    

What about getting lost in the mystic splendor and majesty of more than 100,000 glaciers and that too at a single place? Well, when you reach the famous Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve in Alaska in the United States, you can do exactly what you want. Just reach the place and you will be offered a stay at the well-designed Glacier Bay Lodge from where you can go for a number of glacier sites on a cruise ship and make the most of your trip. Tidewater glaciers (like Margerie Glacier) are probably the most admired ones in this place. But you can also take pleasure in the views of other active glaciers which have been breaking down and falling into the water of the bay every now and then. With so many options available, you will never get bored during your visit to the Glacier Bay.

Furtwängler Glacier

When it comes to the most pictorial glaciers, the fast receding ones are always preferred by the travelers. The Furtwangler Glacier, the small relic of a gigantic icecap found in the vicinity of the peak of the Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, is known to be one of the most quickly melting glaciers on the earth and hence, it should certainly be included in this list. Several reports have revealed that almost 80% of the actual Furtwangler has receded throughout last 100 years and the glacier is going to be perished by 2020. However, the unparalleled beauty of this glacier is still a great attraction for worldwide tourists.

Pasterze Glacier

The 8.4 km. long Pasterze Glacier is another picturesque glacier that offers visitors an awe-inspiring view. It is the longest glacier present in the eastern region of the Alps in the landlocked country Austria. In order to reach this great glacier, you have to travel the 3.7-mile zigzag hilly road through Grobglockner, which remains open for travelers only during the summer. You can either choose a car or opt for trekking. There are a total of 925 glaciers around the country, but none of them can offer such a fabulous view to the visitors. While exploring the place, you can stop at a number of vantage points and make the most of your journey by collecting rare information regarding the site. Having a glimpse of the great glacier from the Grosslocknerstrasse Mountain Road is also a very popular choice among tourists. However, as per the scientists, around 60% of the Pasterze Glacier will be melted by 2100.

Perito Moreno Glacier

Last but not the least is the Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina. It is one of those 13 most popular glaciiers present in the country out of 50 Patagonian glaciers. The Perito Moreno is situated in close proximity to the city El Calafate. Tourists can explore only 3 specific locations along the glacier rather than the entire region. The closest site from where you can get an eye-ctaching view of all 13 glaciers in the region is the Lago Argentino National Park.

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