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Every community and culture has a distinct and special style of architecture. The Muslim culture has also given birth to beautiful architectural style which is most prominent in the mosques. Mosques are the religious establishment of the Muslims and they congregate there for offering prayer to the almighty or Allah. The Mosque is owned by nobody else but the supreme lord himself and thus it is also referred to as ‘House of Allah’ or ‘Allah ka Ghar’. Though the mosques or Masjid are place for worship they are constructed with great artistic skills. Travelers belonging to different religion than Islam may not be allowed inside but they can appreciate the exquisite charm of the mosques from outside. There are strict rules regarding the construction of a mosque. It cannot be constructed at just any place. They manifest the artistic sense of the Islamic culture in depth. You will find a list of the best mosques in the following.


Masjid al Haram (The Holy Mosque):

The Masjid al Haram or the Grand Mosque is the largest mosque of our world and probably the most respected. It is situated at the center of the Islamic religion, Mecca. It surrounds the holy black stone or Kaaba Shareef, which is considered an earthy manifestation of Allah. The Masjid al Haram has been built on a vast ground of 356,800 square meters. Around 4 million people pray together at the indoor and outdoor praying areas of this mosque during the Hajj. New minarets are being added to this very beautiful mosque so that 2 million people more can seat here for praying. The extension work got started in 2007 but it will not be completed till 2020.

Masjid Nabawi:

The Masjid al Nabawi was built by the great Islamic prophet named Muhammad. He had chosen the holy city of Medina e munwwara. This is also a very huge mosque and counted among the biggest mosques of the world as well. It was built during the lifetime of Muhammad, the prophet who preached Islam for the first time and conveyed the message of Allah to all. He himself helped in its construction and his Medina abode was just beside this mosque. When lit for prayer at nights the mosque look magnificent. The green dome at the centre of this mosque is its most attractive feature.

Shah Faisal Mosque Islamabad Pakistan-1

Faisal Masjid:

The famous Faisal Masjid is situated in Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan. The largest mosque of South Asia was built by a Turkish architect Vedat Dalokay. He won the international contest in 1969 which was held asking architects to submit plans for this beautiful Masjid. 43 plans were submitted from 17 different countries. The Faisal Masjid has been modeled like a tent of the Bedouins, who reside in deserts. It has eight sides and looks very modern. The minarets have been styled according to Turkish architecture. The base of the Margalla Hills was chosen as the ideal place to erect this mosque. It is the national mosque of Pakistan and is respected by the entire Islamic community.

Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque:

The Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque is the royal mosque of Sultanate of Brunei. It is located at the capital of the Sultanate of Brunei which is Bandar Seri Begawan. This mosque is famous for its extraordinary beauty and delicate charm. Tourists from all over the world flock here to see the mosque. It is 171 feet high and you can get a glimpse of it from any point of Bandar Seri Begawan.

The Sultan Ahmed Mosque:

The beautiful Sultan Ahmed Mosque has historical significance. It was built over a stretch of time from 1609 to 1616. It is situated at the capital of Turkey, Istanbul. This mosque is an embodiment of the architectural styles of both the Byzantine Churches and the Ottoman mosques. The interior of this mosque has been built with beautiful blue tiles and it is thus called the Blue Mosque.

The Kol Sharif Mosque:

There was a time when the Kol Sharif Mosque was considered the largest mosque of Russia. It is still a very famous mosque in Kazan Kremlin and draws in huge number of visitors. This mosque was built in the 16th century. This mosque has been named after Qols harif who led a battle against the Russians in 1552 to defend Kazan. Traces of the Renaissance architecture and the Ottoman architecture can be found in this mosque.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque:

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque was built at the capital of United Arab Emirate, Abu Dhabi. Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan started building this mosque and his burial ground is located just beside it. It has been estimated that five football fields together amounts to the ground on which this mosque has been erected. There is a well stocked library inside this mosque.

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