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Most beautiful tropical islands for a nomad in you


Tropical islands all over the world are always a steal for the avid nomad who likes to travel far and wide to just reach a perfect spot where he can settle down for the rest of his life. And for all of you beach lovers out there, here are some of the most beautiful tropical islands in the world that would definitely wake up the nomad in you!


If you want to know the meaning of the phrase ‘heaven on earth’, visit Seychelles. Situated off Africa’s eastern coast is a group of 115 islands that offer you the ultimate peace and seclusion you desire, and are literally the best when it comes to memorable beach vacations.

Everything about Seychelles is perfect, from the white sandy beaches and the crystal clear turquoise blue waters, to the sheer number of luxuries you can enjoy in the beach resorts located on these islands.

Although a tad bit on the expensive side, Seychelles would definitely be a place where you would want to settle down after traveling the world.


Located in Cuba is the extremely picturesque island of CayoCayo which is world famous for its enormous underwater coral reef garden. And in addition to attracting hordes of avid divers to its underwater beauty every year, the island manages to attract thousands of beach lovers to its sun pristine kissed beaches and impressively clear waters which have time and again, earned the distinction of being one of the best 20 beaches on earth.


Think of the perfect tropical beach getaway and you would probably end up with at least a couple of choices in the Maldives. An archipelago of 1190 coral islands located in the Indian Ocean, Maldives has some of the best dive sites in the entire world, not to mention some of the best beaches on the planet! The coral islands are surrounded by colorful reef, and enjoy crystal clear, calm and unperturbed waters. The beaches are sandy white and lined with swaying coconut palms. All these would give off a picture postcard look hard to shrug off as being ordinary.


If you are an avid surfer, then Fiji is the destination for you. With warm waters and gigantic waves welcoming you, the islands in Fiji would definitely be everything a beach lover ever dreamed of. And in contrast to the popular notion that Fiji is quite an expensive option, there are several ways in which you can cut down your costs (for instance, backpacking) to enjoy a remarkable holiday by the sandy white beaches here.



A little off the beaten track in Southern Thailand lies the scenic island of KoLipe which houses a quaint little seaside village with extremely friendly locals. Not as advanced as other islands in the region, KoLipe offers only basic facilities for its guests, including substandard accommodation.

But who’s complaining when you get to enjoy entire days relaxing on sandy white, sun kissed beaches and playing in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean? Better yet, you will be spoilt for choices when it comes to dining on sea food, as the village locals would do more than necessary to get you exotic seafood dishes from deep within the ocean. And if you ever happen to get bored, you can hop on a boat to the neighboring island for some snorkeling and scuba diving.


Although all the Hawaiian Islands are unique gems, the one island that warrants repeated trips every time you pass through the region is Maui. There’s so little to Maui that amazingly, adds up to so much! Wonderful sun kissed beaches, alluring waters caressing the shores, extremely friendly locals, and a contagious ‘hang loose’ attitude that would rub off on you in no time at all. Don’t forget to visit the Seven Sacred Pools and the famed Red Sand Beach while you are here!


Voted as one of the best tourist destinations in the entire world year after year, Bali can give you one of the best tropical vacations you have ever had. Case in point: spectacular beaches, crystal clear ocean waters, amazing food, extremely friendly locals, pulsating nightlife, wonderful surfing, great sightseeing opportunities, and much more! Couple all these with a pleasant year-round climate, and this is one destination you will be visiting again and again, and again!


Think of jaw dropping overwater bungalows and villas, and the first place that would come to your mind is Tahiti. Considered to be one of the few remaining tropical paradises on earth, Tahiti is visited by millions of honeymooning couples every year.

Tahiti offers the perfect setting for a never ending romance saga, including relaxing days by the beach, late night swims in the warm ocean waters, romantic sunset walks and cruises, candlelit dinners and early morning dips in private pools! Tahiti has everything the romantic nomad in you would want!

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