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Key do’s and don’ts of traveling on a shoestring budget

traveling on a shoestring budget

Travelling on a shoestring budget isn’t hard for young backpackers enjoying their gap year though grownups with families and jobs find it hard to control their expenses during a holiday. However, if you have planned on sticking to a tight budget on a vacation, you should remember the following key do’s and don’ts:


1. Do your research

To really save during travels, you need to research for the best deals on airfare and hotel bookings.

2. Travel in the off-season

Most tourist destinations offer off season discounts. The weather might be a tad uncomfortable during off season but you’d get more bang for your buck for sure.

3. Find hotels near popular attractions

If you get a hotel room near a popular tourist attraction, you’d be able to save a lot on transport fare.

4. Buy meals at local supermarkets, food trucks and bakeries

To cut your eating out and ordering in budget, you can always get food from local food trucks, bakeries and local supermarkets and eat them in your room’s balcony or at the park to make it feel fancy.

5. Explore a single destination fully

Instead of travelling through an entire country or region, you can pick a single destination and explore it fully through the duration of your stay to save money during travel.


1. Don’t shop

If you drop shopping for souvenirs from your travel plans, you can save a lot of money.

2. Don’t be tempted to eat at fancy joints

Eating out at posh restaurants accounts for nearly a third of an average travel budget if not more. Find smaller, family run joints at the heart of the city instead as these are more cost effective.

3. Don’t book travel through agents

Most travel agents get a decent commission on your travel bookings. And this commission comes out of your pocket. Bypass this step and you could stretch your budget further.

4. Don’t rent a car

Renting a car is really expensive once you account for the gas that you would need to buy for it. Try renting public bicycles or just make an effort and take the metro, long and short distance trains and the bus instead.

5. Don’t discount hostels

If you are really pressed for cash, you can consider staying at a hostel during your stay. You won’t be able to book these for more than a night or a couple of days max and would be stripped of luxuries but these would really help you save a lot of money.

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