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Top 10 loveliest tourist places in Jamaica

Jamaica is a heavenly place that is filled with various tourist attractions. This is the main reason for it to be the ideal tourist destinations of all times. Not only this is the reason, in spite of being in the Caribbean sea’s center, this island does not merge itself with the archipelago. The reason is that the cultural and historical values set this island apart from the rest.   The natural wonders, historical monument, range of outdoor activities, various mouth-watering cuisines and a lot more things of this place are something that you will surely adore. You will love visiting this wonderful place and have the best time spending in the various wonderful tourist places. Below mentioned are the top 10 tourist places in Jamaica.

  • Dunns River Falls – This is known to be a splendid waterfall that falls by more than 600 feet into Caribbean Sea. This is the best place to swim and also a wonderful place to relax.
  • Fern Gully – This is known to be a cool place and is known to have more than 500 species ferns, which are truly amazing. This is known to be a sheltered tropical canyon, where you can find craft shacks and hiking trails that are situated at the entrances.
  • Bamboo Rafting on Martha Brae River – Bamboo rafting on the calm and cool jungle river, which is the Martha Brae River can be a wonderful experience. This is usually piloted by experienced captains and you can sit and relax, when they point out the amazing flora and fauna.
  • Blue Mountains – The Blue mountains are more than 7,000 feet tall and the mists usually cover them, which is known to be a very beautiful sight. You can find the best coffee grown in the world due to the different tropical elevation.
  • Port Royal, Pirate Capital – Port royal was sunk in the late 1600 due to a major earthquake. You can find major part of the city submerged here. You can check out the ruins here and it is known to be the best archaeological site that is found in the whole wide world.
  • YS Falls – This is known to be an 8-tiered dropping waterfall that is situated in the south-western part of Jamaica. It is known to be situated on the papaya plantation and is known to have brilliant natural swimming pools.
  • 7 Mile Beach, Negril – This white sand beach is caused due to the offshore coral reef. It is known to be an underwater barrier. The water here is known to be very clear and calm, making it the best Caribbean beach.
  • Nine Mile – This is a village that is situated in the Cockpit Country. It is known to be the birthplace and the childhood home of Bob Marley. You can find his grave on the property. It is a great recommended place to all the music lovers and is sure to be an unforgettable visit.
  • Jungle Treetop Zip Line – You can find a range of connected platforms here. The natural springs, great river and the jungle floor, makes this place a must visit tourist place.
  • Luminous Lagoon – Due to the appearance of phosphorescence in water, the water of this place glows with every moment. A wonderful cruise to this amazing lagoon can be the best experience for you.

Shopping, eating out, night life, pubs and every other tourist attraction found across the world, but what makes Jamaica different is that, this country is the blend of the various cultures that affected this country over the year. Being a hotspot makes it a great place for adventure tourism and an enjoyable tour.

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