How a medical tourist can protect themselves from infection

The first step towards protection against infections is to maintain hygiene. It has been medically proven that a large number of infections are caused due to lack of hygiene. As you travel to a foreign land, the immune system is not equipped to fight against the infections predominant in the travel destination. Hence, you are at a greater risk of falling ill than the locals. The locals have a natural defence against a number of infections which tourists do not have.

The service provider who makes all the arrangements for the treatment should tell patients about the hygiene levels of the clinic or hospital the patient will be treated at. For example, patients travelling for a surgical procedure should ensure that there is protection against possible infections before and after the operations. Your body is susceptible to health risk at this stage. Some offshore facilities tend to meet local needs but not the needs of a medical tourist. Usually facilities that are either locally or internationally accredited tend to follow strict hygiene and sanitary requirements. It is useful to determine whether the hospital/clinic you are seeking care from has been accredited or inspected by an external agent.

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