Hiring a car while traveling: key dos and don’ts to remember

Hiring a car during travels offers a lot of convenience and makes sightseeing a lot more comfortable. But it also comes with its own set of challenges. The following dos and don’ts can help you make the experience of hiring a car during travels hassle free.


Preorder the car hire

Travel and car hire agencies offer sizable discounts on preordered car hires. In comparison to last minute on the spot hires, preorders are much cheaper and a lot more reliable as well. Even if you find yourself in a position where you need a car within a few hours, preordering through a travel website or through the car hire agency’s own website might get you a better deal.

Use a major travel booking site or noted car hire service

It is advisable to use car hire services providing by major travel booking websites operating in the region that you are visiting. Noted car hire services are also good and offer fair deals. If there are many car hire operators in a region, a comparative research might land you the best and cheapest deal.

Research discount codes and coupons

Most major car hire companies and travel booking websites throw discounts and freebies into car hire deals. These can save you a heck lot of money. The research for them might be a little time consuming if you don’t know where to look for them though they certainly are worth it.


Don’t expect child car seats to be included in the deal

Car hire agencies don’t usually include child seats into the deal. If you need them, you would either need to make a request for them before hiring a car or just bring you own. Of the two options, brining your own is rather preferable as it is likely to be cleaner and a better fit for your child.

Don’t drive off without s proper inspection

The first thing you need to do when you first receive the hired car is to take a few pictures of it from all angles. If there are any exiting damaged bits, ask the salesperson to sign a document of some form listing all the existing damage on the car so you are not held liable for it later on. In fact, you can also insist on getting a proper inspection of the car before you drive off in it.

Don’t get car hire insurance unless you absolutely need it

A car hire insurance should only be agreed to if your own personal policy or existing travel insurance doesn’t cover the liabilities that may arise with the use of a hired car during travels. In fact, you own personal auto policy may also cover the cost of damages to a hired car. However, it is usually best to read the fine print of both your existing insurance policies as well as the terms of the car hire insurance the agency is providing.

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