Hawaii Visiting Places – Top 10 activities to do and see in Hawaii

Hawaii Visiting Places

Islands, islands everywhere, and the beach fun is all you must look for when you visit Hawaii.It is one of the most preferred tourist destinations. Exploring the attractive beaches and volcanoesgrant your mind and body the wellness it had been for a long, long time.Even as you look down through the plane’s window, you would know Hawaii is something special. Cultural experiences, vacation activities and much more wait for you in Hawaii and you can make the most, if you are prepared for what’s waiting for you.  There are a number of activities to do in Hawaii to keep you engaged in having a great time. The top ten activities to do in Hawaii are:

1)      Explore the water kingdom: This is one thing nobody has to tell you to do when you’re in the land of islands. Underwater diving, tracking sea creatures, feeding seaweed to huge endangered turtles, and peddling the coconut coasts around can be a complete change in environment to your body and mind. And Of Corse the regular beach sports and fun is always there.

2)      Saturday shopping: A tradition for the last twenty-eight years, the Maui’s Saturday morning Swap Meet, sell goods that are Maui-grown, ethnic things, household items, foods, crafts and flowers and a lot more. Visiting Hawaii, going back and telling your story is no good until you have something to show them. The Maui Swap Meet is where you will get your souvenir.

3)      Along with some adventure: Add the Polynesian Culture Center to your to-do list. This centre is about an hour from Waikiki and is the top Hawaiian attraction. The Polynesian night show which is the largest in the world, the luau shows brings you the real Hawaii. I great tourist attraction, must visit.

4)      Fly free: Time to be in the air. Hitch a ride on a helicopter.  Fly high, get the perfect view of the whole state and its’ beauty. Famous are the blue Hawaiian helicopter tours from Honolulu.

5)      Enjoy some history and GK: Visit the Pearl Harbor. It is the place perfected by history and a story with a revolutionary change. For the GK part, the Haleakala in Maui, would be something pleasing to see.

6)      Check out Big Island: Waipio Valley, Mauna Kea, Hawaii volcanoes national park and many more to see in this island. The landscape is outstanding and the lava ever-changing. People don’t get to see something like this often, its’ a privilege to the eyes.

7)      Boating: The Na Pali coast is from where you start you sailing and you enjoy every bit of the adventure on the sea. You stay away from the coast for hours and yet do not realize it time pass by. A beautiful and luxurious experience.

8)      Sports: How about some skydiving or Jet Ski or even parasailing. A number of sports and outdoor activities including the traditional horse-riding and the modern bike-tours everything here is to make your trip the best ever.

9)      Water sports: Done with the above, come explore the water kingdom. Wouldn’t you like swimming with dolphins? A dream come true. And if you like something daring, you must try the shark encounter. It is called the Famous North Shore Shark Adventure. Get a clear look on those sharks in the sea while you are protected in a cage, so that you don’t get eaten.

10)   Submarine: Many have it as a dream to board a submarine after watching the many movies made on it. Get on the submarine and see clearly what is in the mysterious and vast ocean that fishes love so much, without getting wet.

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