7 Attractions for a First Time Celebration of Halloween in NYC

First Time Celebration of Halloween in NYC

If you wish to have some spooky fun this Halloween in a city like New York, then there are just plenty of amazing things that you can do. NYC is the right place to enjoy autumn and have a memorable Halloween experience. Here are 7 attractions for a first time celebration in this happening city.

  1. Blood Manor haunted house

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Located on 27th Street on Manhattan’s West Side this place is not recommended for children below 14 years. This haunted house which needs to be travelled on foot is 5,000 sq feet. It has several rooms, corridors and passageways which are designed in such a way that they will surely scare you. It is so creepy that you will literally scream. There is no dress code involved, but avoid expensive clothes. This place is not for the weak hearted.

  1. The Village Halloween Parade

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This parade takes place in Greenwich Village. This huge parade pulls a large crowd of spectators every year. The parade has several costumed performers. There are several bands that participate in the parade. There are plenty of floats and musical acts. One of the major attractions of this parade is the huge rod puppets which are really freaky. Want to participate in this awesome parade? Then just wear your Halloween costume and show up at the parade.

  1. Webster Hell

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Once you are through with the Parade it is party time at Webster Hell. The party goes on throughout the night at the NYC nightlife hotspot at Sixth Avenue. The four floors of the hall are converted into scary dens. You will find several performers performing. There are not just dance performances, but fire wielding performances. There are cash prizes for the best Halloween costume.

  1. American Museum of Natural History


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Let your kids enjoy Halloween at the American Museum of Natural History. All the exhibit spaces are opened up during the Halloween period so that the entire family can enjoy. Children can indulge in activities like pumpkin carving and trick and treating theme crafts. All these activities are carried out in the halls of the museums.

  1. Children’s Fall Festival

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Kids will surely enjoy their holidays at the Children’s Fall Festival. There is lots of fun for children of all age groups in this festival, which is held at Queen’s County Farm Museum. There is a petting zoo, pony rides and plenty of games for kids. One must also check out the haunted house tours and the Amazing Maize Maze. One can enjoy hay rides and mulled cider in the evening. The kids have to come in Halloween costumes.

  1. Ripley’s Believe It or Not Odditorium

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This place will surely give you that freaky experience that you want during the Halloween season. There are frightening attractions like spooky exhibits, shrunken heads and sword swallowing performers. There are unexpected and weird surprises in every corner of this place which will leave you scared but it is fun. One can enjoy dancing and indulge in yummy food and have lots of fun.

  1. Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade

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If you believe that the Halloween celebration must not be limited to just you and your family, but your pet dog must also enjoy then the Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade is just the right place for you and your pet friend. The annual dog parade is held in the East Village. You need to dress up your dog in the best Halloween costume and there are plenty of prizes that your dog can win by competing in the event.

NYC is just buzzing with a number of these types of happening and scary events during Halloween. So be a part of this spooky frenzy in New York this Halloween and have lots of fun.

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