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Hacks that can enable you to have a vacation abroad – for free

vacation abroad

Travelling involves many expenses and the conventional wisdom dictates that you must save enough of money even before you chalk out a program for travelling. Is it possible that you make travelling possible without having to spend even a dime? With the idea of travelling to foreign lands fast catching up with the young, it makes less sense to wait and make money till you have enough of money to make your dream possible, here are a few hacks brought before you that allow you to stay in foreign countries almost for free.


Lodging expenses drill the biggest hole in the pocket when it comes to travelling. However, offering to home sitting is a novel idea that many are adopting for a quirky holidaying in foreign countries. There are people who are looking for someone to be at their homes when they are out for long.

This is a two way service. The homeowners get a home keeper who they can rely on for the period they are out while the home keeping guests get an accommodation free of charges for doing a little bit of service for them like watering plants and walking the pets around. You can tag up with the willing homeowners via internet and arrange your itinerary accordingly.

Renting out your home

When you go out, your home will remain closed for days. In addition to it lying disused for so long, it runs the risk of targeted by thieves. Renting out your property to some reliable people for the time of your stay out mitigates all these risks while earning you some money, consequently paying at least partly for your travel expenses.

Pick up casual work

Whether travelling in a ship or staying for prolonged period in the host country, you can engage in some sort of work according to your abilities and talents in order to earn a living while there. If there is nothing at all, one can serve as waiter/steward onboard or give out manual labor in working on the farms, helping transport the goods and the like in order to make some extra money. But remember not to indulge in unlawful acts as drug peddling or trading the ancient artifacts of the host country as all these actions are not only morally wrong, but can also land you in some very serious trouble.

Organize a home stay exchange

This is another novel way of travelling abroad and almost free, paying only for your airway passage. With so many social media sites on the internet, it should not be a difficult for you to be friends with someone on the other side of the world. You can arrange a home stay exchange with them and on mutually agreed time both the parties can make tours to each other’s homes. Online communities like Couchsurfing.com and globalfreeloaders.com also offer the service.

Sign up for a challenge or contests

If you are a travel enthusiast and a diehard adventurer, you can organize a contest that would challenge the human endurance level like hiking up a difficult trail alone or night visiting a haunted place. You can also put yourself up for these challenging jobs and combining them with a cause like trans-continental cycling. Things like these will most likely get you a sponsorship. You can even write down an account of your adventures later on and make a second earning out of it.

The tips listed here might be useful to you in order to plan an almost free trip to your dream destination. Earning your way to travelling almost for free will also bring out the best in you and make at the same time making you a much confident person.

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