France Nightlife at Bars and Clubs – 10 Best places for Nightlife in France

A city, on one level, and a very important one at that is defined by its nightlife. In its nightlife facilities, beats the heart of the city and through its throbbing pulse, can we gauge the liveliness of the city.

France has some of the hottest night spots in the south-western Europe, the best of them concentrated in Paris though. Let’s a take a look at some of the best French nightlife hotspots.

  • Batofar: For a club that has been around for a long time, Batofar has never seen a decrease in footfall. It is still fresh and still happening with the club vibrating to the beats of electro, techno, rock, hip hop and dubstep till the wee hours of the morning. The Parisian club sits on a converted barge that floats on the Seine and if you get tired of dancing, you can always relax and enjoy on the club’s bridge.

  • La Soucoupe: La Soucoupe or The Flying Saucer is one’s of Lyon’s most famous bars. Don’t get fooled by its small size for the food and the atmosphere is something really worth experiencing. The place might be a little more expensive than other bars so don’t step in with a light pocket. Live music concerts begin around 10 in the night and go on till morning next day.

  • Le Clubhouse: Opened in 2005, the Chamonix-Mont-Blanc hotspot is getting popular every year thanks to urban adults who come for vacationing in the mountains. The alcohol is good in the place and on special nights, guest DJ’s spice up the dance floor.

  • Chez Moune: Chez Moune is the kind of nightclub that would appeal to the chic Parisian ‘hipster’ crowd. With low celings and walls tiled with mirrors, the place features a peculiar 1930’s decor. Electro-rock is the predominant music played here. Good news is the nightclub is free and thus attracts a huge crowd in the 20’s age bracket who stay up till early morning hours.

  • O’Byrnes Pub: The Irish pub at Chamonix-Mont-Blanc is ideal for those who can’t do without their daily dose of Guinness. The place is warm, friendly and cosy and attracts mostly the English-speaking crowd. An ideal place to hit if you have grown tired of speaking French and drinking wine.

  • Chacha Club: Chacha Club is one of the most stylish, edgy clubs in Paris. On the outside, it’s dark and brooding. Inside the kaleidoscopic labyrinth sucks you in. The most happening electro , techno and house DJ’s preside over the dining room after midnight  while those looking to simply lay back and chill can do so in the in-house recording studio.

  • Showcase: The only club in this list and the only club per se to be literally situated right under a bridge. The place is expensive, so it attracts the yuppie crowd mostly.  DJs and live bands play their music and the genres don’t stick to just a select few; all the while the crowd dance and bask in the beautiful view of the Seine.

  • La Machine du Moulin Rouge: After a thorough makeover in 2010, the club cum live music venue recreated its image but not letting go of its decadence. The primary dance floor was earlier the Moulin Rouge’s boiler room. The old pipes still remain adding a steampunk-ish touch to the decor and along with electro and techno DJ sets, the dancing experience becomes all the more inciting.

  • Le Baron: The deluxe Parisian lounge that was once a brothel has gone on to become the ‘it’ place for the globe-trotting jetset community. It’s always packed and it’s 1920’s decor that includes tasseled lamps and nude women painted on its tiles is something to look out for.

  • Le Milliardaire – Thursdays witness a free bar of girls while the variety of music played here is eclectic with a live band performing alongside DJ’s.

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