Find out the traditional and cultural Yangon, Burma

Burma or Myanmar is an important tourist destination visited by people around the world. It is a small country but is been enlightened by number of pagodas. Yangon is the capital of Burma which includes rich culture and technological advancements. Visitors can also have a look at the parks, markets, pagodas and museum in their Yangon tour.  Culture and tradition is maintained by people staying in Burma for long. People with different culture and heritage reside at Yangon with their variation in language, culture and religion.

Highlights of Yangon Tour

  • Get indulge with the rich culture and heritage of Yangon
  • Stroll through the neighborhood of the place and get glued to Kandawgyi park
  • View the devotional aspect of the tourist destination with the monks offering prayers in golden pagodas after the sunset
  • Visit Aung San Museum which is known as father of Aung San Suu Kyi and is also known as the home of the famous General Aung San
  • Enchanting and spectacular beauty of Swedagon Pagoda can be one of the highlights of Yangon Tour

Style of Tour

Visitors will be taken by Van or on feet in order to explore the local market and the visits to Pagodas.

What are inclusive?

The tour would include transportation of coach, tea/coffee, English speaking guide knowing local language, Entry fee to Pagodas and museums

What are exclusive?

Personal items are not included in the amount paid for the tour package. Tips for the driver or guide, additional food and drinks as per your requirement are not included in tour package.

Group size, Schedule and other information

In one trip, the guide will appreciate maximum of 12 people. Within the period of 4-5 hours, they will show the visitors every attractive places in Yangon. There is a particular meeting point for the visitor. Each one of the visitor must be available at City hall, Maha Bandula Road and Sule Pagoda.

Voucher Exchange information

Every visitor must present their vouchers at the beginning of the tour to the local guide.  In order to confirm your tour, you must inform the Yangon Urban Adventures 24 hours before the departure.

Visitors must consider the following points:

  • Since the sunrays are harmful for skin, you must carry your hat, sunscreen and sunglass
  • You must remove your shoes when you are about to enter Aung San Museum
  • Visitors are not allowed to take photograph of interior portion of the museum
  • Children from 6 to 11years are permitted for the tour. Lower than this range are not permitted for the tour


Dress Standard

Burmese people are little conservative with regards to their dress. When you are out for a city tour, you must wear long sleeve light clothes. Shoes you are wearing must be comfortable so that you can walk for long distance without any difficulty. You must check the weather condition before moving out. If the clouds cover the sunlight, be sure to carry your umbrella. It is mandatory to open your shoes before entering the museum as the Burmese regards it as a religious place.


Tradition and culture of Yangon as depicted in its history is quite interesting. You will be able to understand the local life of people staying in Myanmar while you are touring Yangon. Icon of the city can be easily explored with the help of the local city guide.


  • Speak with the local English speaking guide with friendly nature
  • Visit Aung San Museum which was constructed in 1920s with the last resident as General Aung San (Founder of Burma)
  • Have a look at the home where the daughter of General Aung San used to reside. It is quite amazing to find out the life history of Nobel Prize Laureate, Aung San Suui Kyi.
  • Have a look at the family photograph of the entire family, trace of her growing up, hand written notes, famous speeches

Cultural tour continues- Pagodas

Once you have finished up the visit to the museum, you will be taken to Kandawgi Park through the area where the local residents reside. Your guide will share some interesting and fascinating stories about Burma and its culture. With that you get an arrival to the iconic Swedagon Pagoda. It has a golden dome which has the height of 98 meters from the base. It is really covered by tons of gold metal with sapphire, rubies and other expensive stones.

After completing the visit to this pagoda, visitors will be taken back to their accommodation.

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