Their feet have seen the world – An incredible photo collection!

While most of the family photo albums feature smiling faces, Tom and Verity’s photo album is novel; they only have two pairs of feet! Just that these feet have seen more than 30 countries across the globe. While traveling the world, the couple has captured several moments from their journey, which collectively become a huge canvas to portray their leisurely jaunts with their kid.

All this started in Brighton in 2005, when Tom Robinson and his girlfriend Verity Carberry were enjoying a sunny day on the beach. They noticed their feet pointing out to the sea and came up with the idea – recording their life and travel through the images of their feet. Now, the couple, with their young daughter, has a unique photo collection of their lives’ adventures.

DailyMail reports that the couple, both 30 years old, has travelled to 31 countries and has more than 90 photographs which only involve socks, toes and sandals. Called ‘First Feet,’ this collection of photos feature places like Australia, South-East Asia, South and Central America in the backdrop. Some of the pictures are from 2012 Olympics while the others are from their second visit to Thailand, where Tom proposed to Verity for marriage, which she obviously accepted.

These globe trotters witnessed a happy twist in their life’s adventure, depicted by a shot of the couple standing in front of Verity’s positive pregnancy test. Another photograph shows their feet alongside the scan of their unborn baby.

After six years of their togetherness, the couple now has a third pair of feet included to their photos – their daughter Matilda’s! Her first photograph depicts Verity’s feet in grey colored socks, Tom wearing a pair of sneakers and Matilda’s tiny feet upon them.

Both Tom and Verity feel that this is not the end. In fact, Tom says that more feet would be joining their journey at some point!

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