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Eight of the most enjoyable outdoor cinemas around the world

Eight of the most enjoyable outdoor cinemas around the world

Summer nights are incomplete without some outdoor fun and frolic. What is better than enjoying a classic movie with your friends or lover, sitting on the bonnet of the car or lying on a mat spread on the grassy ground? The appeal of the slightly breezy, starry night and watching a movie on a giant screen will never cease.

Wherever you may go you will find an outdoor cinema of sorts. Some of them are luxurious and the others are fascinatingly simply. You can always opt for a conventional movie hall but the comfort it offers is nothing close to the open-air charm. If you are fond of movies and want to watch some under the sky in moonlit nights, then select one of the eight excellent outdoor movie theaters listed below.

St. George Open Air Cinema, Australia

With the panoramic view of the Sydney bay as the background, the St. George Open Air Cinema offers an incomparable luxury to movie lovers. It is located at Mrs. Macquarie’s Point and has a stadium like seating arrangement. The well stocked bar at the harbor side will help in quenching your thirst. A night spent watching movie and munching different delicacies and sipping wine will make a great memory. Both classical and modern flicks are displayed at the theater. The popularity of the movie hall makes it difficult to get tickets at a short notice.

Montjuic Castle, Barcelona, Spain

This open-air cinema has a splendid historical setting as it is situated on the sprawling lawn slope of the Montjuic Castle in Barcelona. The historical castle makes the open-air cinema the perfect place for a romantic and sumptuous picnic date. New Hollywood movies are shown here along with Spanish ones. You can get lawn chairs for a rent or bring some along with you. People also sit on the ground by spreading picnic mats. It is one of the best places to catch a late night movie under the starry sky on a summer night of July or early August.

La Villette Cinema En Plein Air, Paris

No one knows to relish art, food and movies like the French. The La Villette Cinema En Plein Air is the proof of this fact. If you visit Paris during the summer, make sure to visit the Parc de la Villette, situated in the northeastern part of the city and watch a movie at La Villette Cinema. They do not charge you a fee but you will have to rent some seats. Enjoy a picnic supper on the grounds while watching good international movies of high repute and indie hits.

Olympic Park, Munich, Germany

While in Munich, visit the Olympic Park and if you have time then spend a night outdoors watching your favorite American movie or a new release. The movie screen is located on the huge Olympic Park lawn. The lush green background creates nice ambience for lovebirds.

Hot Tub cinema, UK

Hot tub cinema in the UK matches two very unlikely bed fellow, hot tubs, and a movie theater. If you have always wanted to enjoy the comfort of hot tub while watching movies, then the Hot Tub Cinema is the right place. This open-air cinema is located on a rooftop and offers a wonderful view of the surrounding city skyline.

Maple Drive-in cinema, Beijing

The open-air drive in movie theater of Beijing is located in the Chaoyang District. The Maple Drive-in Cinema is gigantic in size and 800 cars can be parked here for watching American and Chinese hit movies.

Rooftop Movies, Perth

You will get a wonderful 360-degree view of the city and buy food from retro caravans at the Rooftop Movies in Perth. It is a good outdoor place for spending quality time and has become quite a popular attraction.

Monaco Open Air Cinema, France

While traveling in France, movie lovers should not miss the chance of watching a famous movie at the Monaco Open Air Cinema. It offers a lovely view of the Mediterranean Sea beyond. It is open between June and September.


There are numerous open-air theaters across the world. As these theaters amply prove, open-air cinemas can be classy, stylish, romantic, and fun.

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