Do’s and don’ts you need to follow on your Panama surf trip

You may reach Panama by taking a short flight from Houston. However, the place has some rules varying from other places in America. So, when you are going there to try a sport like surfing, there are some things to take care of. Check out what are the important aspects to be kept in mind while surfing in Panama.


  1. 1.     Keep some easy money, ensure safety, and carry required travel documents

Be prepared for some smaller increments at various places, such as at gas stations and rural areas. Get some cash from the ATM as nobody accepts credit. Keep your money distributed rather than putting it all together at one place as you would not want to give any chance to stealers. The same goes for other valuables that you have. Keep everything at a safe place and don’t leave them in your car. Also, keep extra copies of your travel documents and passport. You should better leave one copy at home with your family too.


  1. 2.     Research on surfing places, and check forecasts

Check the surf forecasts before going. You may use a smartphone to remain updated on these forecasts as there is Wi-Fi available almost everywhere in Panama. However, the maps there are terrible. So, do some research on surfing places and roads, while keeping a map of your own sourced from a credible source.


  1. 3.     Choose appropriate mode of transportation

If you want to drive down to your surfing destination, you may rent a car. But, remember that you will be required to pay some extra bucks for mandatory insurance and as a collision damage waiver. That shouldn’t make you compromise on the car you select. Get the best one as the roads are hectic in Panama. If you have enough time at hand, you can also choose to board a bus or shuttle.


  1. 4.     Keep bare essentials

You should pack light but don’t forget your swimwear and other clothes. If you don’t want to carry your board, you may rent one. Carry some quick fix things like duct tape and remember to bring booties, Neosporin and a bug spray. If you are doubtful about drinking water in Panama, replace it with the easily available beer, though water is not bad in all the areas.


  1. 5.     Over-speeding

Panama cops easily pull you over if they see you crossing the speed limits while surfing. The better part is that they accept money to let you go. But, avoid any further troubles with them. The best action is to slow down to 80 km/h if you were surfing at around 100 km/h.


  1. 6.     Turf war

People and even the police are quite friendly in Panama. So, do not hesitate to ask for directions and some small favors. However, at the same time, avoid any turf war at any of the places and follow the rules. Show your decency and let the local people drop in anywhere before you do.



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