Do’s and don’ts of travelling by train when pregnant

Taking the train during pregnancy is a bit of a controversial issue with most experts. Some claim that it’s safer than taking an airplane while others say that the constant back and forth motion could be a potential hazard for the fetus. However, if you follow the do’s and don’ts properly, your train journey could be very pleasant even when you’re heavily pregnant.



1. Check with your doctor first

Before embarking on any kind of travel during pregnancy, you need to consult with your doctor and check if it’s ok. Traveling in the first trimester isn’t recommended anyway as the fetus is still attaching itself to the womb and you may be in too much discomfort in the last few weeks of the third trimester to undertake a journey anyways. Your doctor would be able to give be a better idea of what’s best for you.

2. Pick a seat closer to the washrooms

When you’re pregnant, you may need to visit the washrooms more often. Pick a seat that is closer to the restrooms on the train to avoid having to walk too much when morning sickness hits you.

3. Take a suitcase with wheels and pack light

A small suitcase with wheels and a small shoulder bag should be the entire luggage you carry if you are pregnant and traveling on a train alone. Keep your ticket, phone, wallet, water and snacks in the shoulder and keep your suitcase stowed under the seat and chained for safety.

4. Be open to hiring a porter

If your bags are too heavy to for you to carry on your own or if you need to carry your luggage up a foot bridge, be open to hiring a licensed porter.


1. Never try to board a train in motion

Boarding a train when it is in motion is never a good idea. Even if you have a lot of experience in this area, do not try to do so when you’re pregnant as a simple fall could seriously hurt you and the baby.

2. Don’t forget to carry medication

Carry your pre-natal vitamins, your anti-nausea prescription as well as the headache, cough and fever medication, antacids, etc. during a train travel as they may not be easily avialable should you begin to feel unwell during youth train journey.

3. Don’t forget to carry enough water and snacks

Getting off the train to get water and snacks would be difficult for you as it gets crowded during stops. If you can, carry as much water as you can carry and keep protein bars handy. If the train gets vendors, buy snacks and water that are properly packaged to avoid getting sick.

4. Don’t be afraid of asking for help

If you are traveling alone and are pregnant, you can go ahead and ask random strangers to help you a bit. You can ask a fellow traveler to buy water for you if they are getting off the train during a stop; you can ask them to get you the ticket checker or the nurse if you aren’t feeling well, etc. without hesitation.


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