Do’s and don’ts of sand driving while on a Sand Dunes Trip

Driving and riding on long stretched roads with a high speed of course thrills many of us. The activities you do during your road trips are also quite exciting. However, driving on sand also provides you with a different experience to cherish. Riding or driving on sand is completely different from the traditional rides or drives. It takes a lot of time to understand the nature of the sand in the sand dune to take an effective drive. All sands are not equal in nature so different sand dunes across the globe might give you a new experience every time you get prepared for a drive. The experience of sand driving might also scare a bit as it holds the wheels of the vehicle and makes you feel very unstable at low speeds. You need to observe the nature of the sand for safe driving as there are varieties of sands available in different sand dunes. The sands might be hard sand and soft, powdery sand.

The most important thing that needs to be taken care of during a sand drive is getting aware of the dune well. You should not drive carelessly without knowing the other side of the dune. There might be some unexpected structures such as a sudden drop, a quarry, and a bush of camel grass or someone down the dune.

Let us discuss few of the tips, which would help you remain safe and enjoy your drive thoroughly.

  1. During the initiation of driving, you need to move up the dune. You need to take care of a lot of things to move to the top safely without toppling.
  2. You need to choose the route with least resistance so that your car does not slide. If you want to confirm, you may get down the car and inspect the route thoroughly.
  3. Be in a good momentum before attempting the ride. Ensure you are not you are not in much or less speed than required.
  4. Always try and use the least gears to ride the dunes.
  5. Help yourself from losing traction by moving the steering a bit. You may drive diagonally for the same.

If you are going down from the top, you need to do few things for a safe ride down the dune.

  1. Help the car move down the dune sharply. Do not use angular movements for the same.
  2. Keep driving in low gears.
  3. Let the engine do braking.
  4. During the starting phase of going down the dune, accelerate your car a bit to gain the required momentum.
  5. Do not apply sudden brakes.
  6. You should never close your eyes during a drive on the dunes.

If you want to stop your car, you should be careful about other aspects of driving on the dunes.

  1. Always try to stop your car at an angle so that you would be able to start from there.
  2. On small dunes, stop your car on the top to evaluate your route again.
  • On large dunes, stop your car towards the bottom of the dunes. As it will provide you with enough space to gain your momentum before you try riding another dune.

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