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Do’s and don’ts necessary while traveling by air

Ever since the 9/11 attack, the airport security all around the world has become tighter. Accordingly, airport authorities have started implementing new rules and regulations for the safety of the passengers. Nowadays you just can’t bring anything you like onboard an airplane because of the many strict rules you will have to follow once inside the airport. Therefore, it is very important to learn the basic do’s and don’ts necessary for traveling in an airplane without getting into trouble with the airport securities.


  1. If you have any medical conditions and have to carry medicines with yourself, make sure your medicines have proper labeling, as they will be screened by the airport securities. Improper labeling will only delay the screening process.
  2. As you are not allowed to carry any containers of liquid with capacity of more than 3 ounces, so you have to make sure that all your shampoos, liquid soaps, creams, perfumes etc. are kept in containers having only 3 or less than 3 ounce capacity. Also, keep all of your liquid or gel containers in a zip lock bag in order to make the process of checking faster and more convenient.
  3. If you have any metal surgically implanted in your body, then it is certain that you will never pass the metal detector without setting the beep alarm. So, bring a note duly attested by your surgeon declaring your metal implantation in order to avoid endless questioning from the airport authorities.


  1. It is better not to pack items like lighters, pocketknives, matches etc. as these are some common items regarded as weapons in most of the airport terminals. However, airport securities in each country is different and so, the items you were allowed carry on board in one airport may not be allowed in another. Therefore, it is highly advised to read the security rules and regulations of the airports from where you are going to take your flight.
  2. Do not carry a lot of cash in your baggage as large amount of cash will raise much suspicion and you may have to provide them with detailed explanation for the cash. However, if it is very necessary for you to carry cash with you then, make sure you inform the authorities beforehand and give them a valid reason for carrying the cash.
  3. Do not arrive at the airport just 10minutes before your scheduled time of flight as the security checking will delay you further and you may end up missing your flight. So, it is very necessary to arrive at the airport 2hrs ahead of your flight time.

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