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Craziest wildest vacation ideas this season

In with the new and out with the old ! As this becomes the mantra this holiday season , we look at some crazy ideas for a holiday instead of going with tradition.

Craziest wildest vacation ideas this season

Holidays are a time to let go of all stress and enjoy the festivities in full fervor. If you are looking to do something wild and crazy this season instead of sticking to the age-old traditions we give you some ideas to satisfy that crazy streak of yours with this list.

  • Tame a Bull, Tamil Nadu – You might have heard of running with ( sometimes away from ) the bulls, but you might not have heard of the taming of the bulls in Tamil Nadu in India . It is a lesser known sport but by no means any less fun , or dangerous for that matter. It is also popularly known as Jalikattu and is celebrated during the Pongal festival in Tamil Nadu. The ordeal is to grab the money that is tied to the bull’s horns. . Go for this, if you really are crazy.
  • Swim with Hammerheads, Galapagos Islands – While swimming with Hammerheads might sound dangerous , swimming cageless with Hammerheads borders on crazy. You can experience this while snorkeling deep into the water. Moe often than not, there will be around 100 sharks at a time.
  • Skydiving Mount Everest – You have to hike for four days just to get to the drop zone and this is not the first of the crazy. You have to battles against fast winds and high altitude to jump off the highest peak in the world , not to mention the extreme cold. Skydiving from the Mount Everest can also cost you a lot with a deposit of $1000 and a six month prior reservation. Also you have to time the trip real well in advance since there are only four times in year that expeditions are carried out.
  • Camping, Germany – While camping might sound really tame and nothing like crazy, try camping hanging from a tent on a tree. Waldseilgarten in Germany allows you to add a tinge of craziness to your camping trip . You can hang from a tent in mid-air or sleep on the side of a cliff which doesn’t sound as tame as just camping , right? Just make sure you are really up for this as it can keep you hanging between life , injury and death as well.

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