Best places to visit in india during winter

Winter is the one of the coldest season in the year. Spending the time in winter is really changing the habits of our daily life in the winter season. Taking the hot cup of tea and sitting in front of the fireplace is the frequent things happen in the winter time. It is also the best time to spend a vacation with the family members in this season. India is the place where we can see different climatic conditions in winter season in different parts of the country. Choosing the places to visit in the winter is the one of the major thing. Why because of the climatic changes in the different parts of the country.

Some of the places to visit in winter are:


It is one of the best places to visit in winter. Though it is well known for the deserts but in the people can experience even the cold climatic conditions in winter. Jodhpur and jaisalmer are most visiting cities in the Rajasthan during winter.


Kerala is called as the god’s own country. It is all time experience moderate climate throughout the year. It is the only idle destination for honeymoon in India. You can relax on the tranquil beaches, tree houses in Kerala. Spending a day in the wooden boats gives you a more excitement. If you are the food lover you can enjoy with different varieties of sea foods. They are many more famous and big churches looks very pleasant. Totally the winter trip gives you a blast experience in your life.


It is the important ski destination in the Himalayan mountains if Uttarakhand in India. It is the best place in winter to travel to the Auli if you like to spend an skiing holiday. It is famous for the skiing slopes. Within no time it got famous for the gorgeous skiing slopes covered with rich population of Manali and Shimla. Though it is the winter season the place is still looks with blocks of snow on the green trees looks amazing view.


Thinking of the name Shimla the immediate thing strikes in our mind is full of snow. Yes it’s true. Shimla is best visiting place in India during winter season. The snow covered peaks and good accessibility makes it one of the hottest destinations for honeymooners in the winter.


It is the India’s smallest state by the area and the fourth smallest by population. It has a short winter season from mid-December and February. So this time is the best for the visitors who want to enjoy their winter trip. We can find a lot of crowd during the winter months and night parties. During the New Year and Christmas time the parties will raise and entertain the tourist more.


It is the small island which you can expect the island temperature. There are beaches which can enjoy more. The island is surrounded with lot of coconut trees in between cottages feel an awesome atmosphere.  You can spend a beautiful time in winter in the Lakshadweep islands.


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