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Chilean – Chile

Chilean - Chile

It is an amazing wine tourism destination located in Patagonia, Chile. The climate of the country is perfect for the harvesting of the wine plants. You can experience hot summers, coastal cooling breezes, and beautiful monsoon. It is the major wine-producing region of the country, featured with various vineyards and wineries.

Major valleys include Valle del Elqui, Valle de Limari, Valle del Maipo, Valle De Cassablanca, San Antonio, Valle de Cachapoal, valle de Colchagua, Valle de Itats, and Valle del Maule. Here, you can explore various vineyards, and wineries. You can also try amazing wines in these wineries. Visitors can also enjoy the smooth taste of finest red and white wines.

Different wineries have different rules and programs for their guests. Some service providers offer various tours, which include walk tours and vehicle tours. During your tour, you can explore different vineyards by walking. They also offer special vehicles with drivers who can take you from one vineyard to other. You can also drive the vehicle your own and can experience the ride.

They also offer lodging facilities, shopping facilities, food, and local sightseeing tours. They try their level best to make the trip of their guest an unforgettable one.

Image Source: LeHighValleyLive

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