The best yoga holiday retreats in Canada

Yoga is an ancient Indian art and philosophy of holistic exercises and living that focuses on flexibility and breathing patterns, which ultimately lead to strengthening of the body inside and outside. Here are some of them:

Salt Spring Centre of Yoga
The Salt Spring Centre of Yoga was set up in 1981 for practicing and teaching the traditional Ashtanga Yoga. This is located in Salt Spring Island in British Columbia and provides various programs and retreats throughout the year. The retreats normally include yoga classes of differing levels, vegetarian food and a two-night accommodation package. Apart from that, the centre also provides a variety if Ayurveda and other treatments at the Wellness Centre. During the free time, you can explore the island market, go hiking or simply drop by at the galleries and shops. There is also an annual yoga holiday package for families.

Northern Edge Algonquin

For tourists who enjoy paddling through the calm water and like to perform the Sun Salutation near nature- then the Northern Edge Algonquin is the perfect place. This resort is located just within reach of the Algonquin Park of Ontario and its main attraction is that it teaches the guests how to kayak and balance on a canoe, apart from balancing the body and spirit. The day is kick-started with yoga performed on the dock, stretching exercises and breathing exercises of the fresh morning air during sunrise. When the sun sets, there are campfire, healthy food and banter. Four getaways take place between June and August; however, there is an option for winter retreats as well.

The Sivananda Ashram Yoga Camp

This resort is situated in the Laurentian Mountains of Quebec and has various programs of differing durations and levels throughout the year. Sivananda is for the more focused and serious toga practitioner as it offers various theme-based programs like family yoga, Karma yoga as well as yoga for aspiring yoga teachers.


Hollyhock is situated in a forest area on Cortes Islands, which is off the B.C. Coast. This centre is one for experiential learning and provides various conferences, retreats and workshops that are based on yoga, healing, well being and human potential. Hollyhock is closed during the months from November to March.

Shanti Retreat

Shanti Retreat is a very big property that is located two hours from Ottawa on Wolfe Island. It provides various workshops as well as yoga on weekends along with vegetarian food.


Yoga has become very popular over the past years and many people are joining the bandwagon by practicing different types of yoga. The good news for yoga enthusiasts in Canada is that now there are special yoga retreats available where you can unwind and rejuvenate your senses.

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