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Beautiful destinations that are off the path most walked

Punta Placer Oaxaca Mexico

We all love travel. However, there are some amongst us who are passionate about travel and are always on the lookout for offbeat destinations that have seen less of tourist attention. They lie in some remote corners of the regions, enclosed from the modern world. Sometimes it is an almost serendipity to see an almost virgin location just near the edge of the more popular ones that have escaped the influx of tourism. Here let us have a look at a few of off beaten track destinations:

  • Punta Placer, Oaxaca, Mexico

We all know it that that places lining the seashores are the most romantic places of all. What if it was an ideal location lay back in the backwaters of civilization, with just the moon gazing at you and the long empty stretch of white sand shimmering against its milky radiance? And a silence so eternal that only the stirring from you and your partner would break it?

Well, if you are really looking for a perennially silent destination free from the din of the urban life, then you are welcome to Punta Placer. To keep you company are of course the gulls skimming the surf of the waters and turtles that come occasionally visiting the coast.

  • Tusheti, Georgai

Georgia is itself a less explored place for an international tourist, so if you plan a visit to this exotic destination, be prepared for a number of surprises to unfold. Hidden behind the folds of the Caucasus Mountain, this region is replete with castles, defensive towers and shrines all perched impossibly on the sheer perpendicularity of the mountain slopes.

The life here is as if hooked on to the medieval times, with pastoralism still the main occupation of the people. No roads and no cars, just the mule paths and the saddle of the horse are your mode of transport. So if you really want to experience the rawness of life, this is one place you, must definitely visit.

  • Gobi Desert, Georgia

The setting of living in a cold desert deep inside the hinterland is not something that should be a damper for those who cherish to see and experience something different. The region boasts of some of the finest living places in the manner of the camps of the nomadic pastoral tribes of Mongolia.

When being there shed your urban tastes for Wi-Fi and other dependencies and you will realize how easy it is to live in the laps of nature without the need of all the gadgetry. It is like going back to the nature. However, the lodgings provides for some basic amenities like inbuilt bathrooms and wooden stoves for heating the interiors.

  • Newfoundland, Canada

This ice-cold coastal region of Canada is one of the prized destinations for those who are on look out for something to uncoil the adventurous side of their personality. The place is dark and cold, but its vast stretch merging into the unfathomable glaciated sea is a picture perfect sight for any visitor.

The places of interest include national parks (Gros Morne National Park- A World Heritage Site), L’Anse aux Meadows – an archaeological site and Marble Mountain Ski Resort that is popular with the skiers.

  • Havana, Cuba

We know this place so well, and we love it too. Due to bilateral restrictions between the USA and Cuba, not many of could ever dream of going there. The things have changed now and that tempting smell of Cohiba Cigar is no longer a far away distant call. Havana is a spirited city. It lacks the modern vexations of hyped tourism, and the tedium of a remotely located town.

It suspends somewhere in the middle – a city in a socialist setting edging on the dawn of a new age. Its frontline kissing the seas and the cascade of a laidback life streaming thorough medieval like buildings and monuments, turns in an urban romance within and an exhilarating feeling of being alive without.

These are some destinations, which you might not frequently come across a traveler’s travelling route, it if you prepare yourself to go there, you will never regret the idea of ever having been there.

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