5 Destinations that must be on the list for wingsuit jumpers

Wing suit diving or flying is a free fall air diving sport that involves the sportsman wearing a specially designed suit with fabric made flaps projecting out from it to provide air resistance to reduce the free fall.

The sport is categorized as an extreme sport and it is certainly not for the amateurs and the unskilled. However, that does not mean that one cannot master it. The free fall takes place from a high altitude base, mostly an aircraft.

In fact, many countries have banned this sport. The sport has a loyal following around the world. Here we bring to you a list of some of the best places around the world where you can experience this extremely adventurous sport.

Mont Blanc, France

Mont Blanc is the highest summit in Alps, standing at a height of 4,810 meters above sea level. The peak invites the adventurous who come to conquer the peak. There are some who also come up here for other less publicized reasons. They take the advantage of climbing up here and then taking a deep plunge down the highest precipices of the mountain.

Tianmen mountain, China

Tianmen, located in Zhangjiajie in the Hunan province of China is a definitely a place worth a visit for the sheer majesty in which the nature lies here. The national park region, that what it is, holds some of the most spectacular vertically dropping cliffs in the world, making the place perfect destination for wing suit divers.

Floating above thick green foliage in the pristine surrounding is definitely a worth a risk for the diehard wing suit divers. The extreme drop of 4600 feet to jump down is not an act for the faint hearted. The Chinese authorities have banned the sport here, terming it too dangerous.

Baffin Island, Canada

When it comes to the craziness of doing the extreme, there is no plug to stanch the flow of adrenaline in the bodies of the extreme sport adventurists. So they even take on the task of going to Baffins Islands in the farthermost cold Arctic region of Canada. Mount Thor at elevation of 1,675 meter with a sheer vertical drop 1,250 meter provides the ultimate excitement for the wing suit jumpers.

Moab Desert, USA

Out from the cold icy regions of Baffin, the adventurous can then make their way to Moab Desert in Utah region of USA. The deep abyss provides a blood rushing and adrenaline gushing experience as the jumper takes a deep plunge, taking care to steer clear of the protruding edges and jagged rocks that line the vertical side of the cliff. The 400 feet high, Castleton Tower is a star site for jumping. It is not a recommended sport to indulge in here, but for the faithful who worship the sport, it is a virtual Mecca for them.

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

Now if you think that the listing of this place in the last position makes it a relatively easy site to enjoy the sport from, you are wrong. The site of a man jumping off the cliff down the valley is one of the most amazing and incredibly heart shacking spectacles in the world. The 262 feet high Aegerttenbach falls are the star attraction for the wing suit adventurers. The place is otherwise famous for beautiful vistas of the nature and an almost slumbering yet refreshing life style. So even if you do not agree with the horrid of the sport, you can still come and tingle the less adventurous sides of you by being here.

The sport is a really tasking. Without proper guidance and equipment, do not ever take the risk of going out all by yourself. As for the rest of you, you can get there not just for the sport, but for the mere adventure of being there.

Dr Prem Jagyasi and Editorial Team

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