With its rich Spanish culture, the visitor will find Argentina to be an ethnically rich destination when it comes to music, dance, architecture and food. Due to its diverse climate, one can enjoy myriad of adventures starting from hiking in the rainforests to skiing or trekking in the glaciers, or immersing in rich culture and history or taking part in eco-tours, enjoying distinct food and night life along with camping and diving.




Bordering Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia and Chile, the world’s eighth largest country, Argentina is the home of 40 million people. Argentina boasts of lush rainforests, sweeping plains, white capped glaciers, underwater geography and a varied portfolio of exciting attractions for the tourists. The country is also the gateway to one of the most scintillating beauties on the earth – Antarctica.




Its capital, Buenos Aires, was the first city on the continent to exceed million inhabitants. Reputed for tango and known as Paris of South America, it has the highest international profile of any South American City. Its European-immigrant vitality has survived repeated crises to remain a cultural as well as political capital. Buenos Aires offers visitors exciting nightlife, plenty of fascinating history and a wide assortment of amenities. Warm, congenial locals demonstrate unyielding spirit and energy with tenacious passion for life.


Besides its capital, Argentina has also a number of other wonderful cities like the second largest city, Córdoba, the third largest city, Rosario and the fourth, Mendoza.


Most thrill seekers are drawn to the jungles of northern IguazuFallsNational Park as well as the wild beauty throughout Tierra del Fuego. These two major attractions draw large crowds than any other part in the country. IguazuNational Park offers an ethereal landscape of enchanting proportions. Created by the free flowing Rio Piranha, the IguazuFalls, half the height of Niagara and four times wider, are on the UNESCO Heritage Sites list.


Argentina’s main characteristic is the enormous contrast between the immense eastern plains and the impressive Andes mountain range to the west which boasts of the highest peak in the Western hemisphere at 6,959 metres. From Jujuy to Tierra del Fuego, the Andes present marvellous contrasts: the Northwest plateaus, the lake region, the forests and glaciers in the Patagonia.




The country’s territory offers a wide variety of climates: subtropical in the North, sub-Antarctic in the southern Patagonia and mild and humid in the Pampas plains. The median temperature from November to March is 23° C and 12° C from June to September.


Time ZoneGMT -3
Dialing Code+54
Electricity220V, 50Hz
Major CitiesBuenos Aires, Santa Cruz, Santa Fe
ClothingTake lightweight clothes you can layer, a sweater and an all –weather coat.
 Health Related
Mortality Rate11.11 deaths/ 1,000 live births
Life ExpectancyM 74/ F 77
Patient: Physician Ratio330: 1
Hospitals JCI accredited0
Recommended VaccinationsHepatitis A, Typhoid, Hepatitis B, Rabies, Diphtheria-tetanus, Measles, Varicella, Poliomyelitis, Yellow fever
Other InfectionsChagas disease, Argentine hemorrhagic fever, St. Louis encephalitis, West Nile virus infections, Tick-borne relapsing fever, Anthrax, HIV
 Tourism Related
Global Competitiveness3.95
Tourism Competitiveness4.1/7
Health and Hygiene5.6/7
Safety and Security4.5/7
Air Transport Infrastructure2.9/7
Tourism Infrastructure3.8/7
Cultural  Resources2.9/7
Visa Requirements26/133
Reliability of Police Services129/133
Physician Density32/133
Hospital Beds41/133
Quality of Air Transport Infrastructure123/133
International Air Transport Network97/133
Quality of Roads89/33
Hotel Rooms52/133
Tourism Openness97/133
Attitude of Population Towards Foreign Visitors105/133

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