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6 Incredible destinations for rock climbing

Top destinations in USA that could appeal to adventure sport lovers

There is an opportunity for great rock climbing in many places across the globe. They offer you stiff challenges if you have a rock climber’s blood and a tough adventure dream. However, if you have a notion that these amazing rock climbing destinations are lofty mountains and most treacherous cliffs then you would be mistaken.

Here we bring you some of the most incredible rock climbing destinations that will be an awesome mix of full gratification and a daring expedition:

1) Old man of Hoy, Scotland:

Scottish highlands are bestowed with a picturesque charm and have a number of challenging rock climbing destinations of which the Old man of Hoy stands as the most daring and most satisfying one at the same time. Ironically, Hoy is one of the Scotland’s flattest islands grouped among Orkney isles. But it presents some high altitude challenging cliffs in the entire Great Britain. Not until 1966 when this rock climbing dream destination came under lime light when its 450 feet high cliff was conquered, and it was indeed a revelation how tough rock climbing can be.

2) Australia:

Australia presents some of the awesome rock and boulder climbing exposure along with an exploration of exotic flora and fauna. For rock climbers, Australia’s Blue Mountain and the Grampians are ideal offering excellent climbing opportunities at various levels. Near Sydney, we have the Crags presenting some terrific sea cliff scaling. Again off into the seas, Tasmania has the celebrated Totem pole climb, which is one of the most matchless rock-climbing in the world.

3) New Zealand:

The Southern Alps in New Zealand is an excellent destination for rock climbing. In fact, Payne’s Ford is considered as the eventual destination for rock climbing. Traditional climbing, ice climbing, mountaineering and bouldering you just name it New Zealand has it all for you. The existence of right natural land form, infrastructure and arrangements offer one of the most splendid rock experiences in this island nation.

4) Thailand, Krabi and Chiang Mai:

Certain places in Thailand are rock climbers’ paradise. Here you have incredible limestone walls standing on exquisite white sand beaches in Krabi in Southern Thailand. The Krabi all limestone climbing dare lies on the backbone of the world’s longest coral reef originating from China all the way down to Papua New Guinea. The climbing tracks are all secured and used as sports climbing routes and here French grading system is followed. There are more than 700 routes meant for the beginners 5 a’s to classic multi pitch 6 a’s up to limits of 8 c and the routes keep the climbers occupied throughout the year. In north Thailand, we have the Chiangmai Mountains giving a tougher challenge to the climbers. The milieu is great with all rain forests and an excellent distribution of flora and fauna. The ambiance is a tad primitive with excellent Thai food to keep you sustained.

5) China:

Among other attractions, China offers excellent rock climbing opportunities. This incredible country has an amazing distribution of Spillways, rocky spires and Karsts undergoing massive physical and chemical evolution over the ages. These landforms throw difficult challenges before the climbers, and climbing these difficult terrains would become landmark achievements in their rock climbing career. Southern China’s Moon Hill presents an awesome opportunity to rock climbing enthusiasts. It is an arch formed from the relics of a buckled cave. The scenery is breath taking and the climb testing and tough.

6) Morocco, Africa:

Morocco in the northwestern part of the continent of Africa offers great rock climbing breaks. Climbers dream rock in Morocco in the Taghia Gorge perched in the lofty Atlas Mountains. Moroccan rock climbing is still in the infant stage and not well organized. In fact, reaching the foothills would be considered a big achievement. Taghia is situated 1900 m above sea level and is enclosed by a suspended red limestone wall. The peaks offer excellent climbing.

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