10 travel wonders you can’t miss in Frankfurt


Frankfurt am Main, commonly known as Frankfurt, is the financial capital of Continental Europe and the transportation centre of Germany. The city has futuristic skyline with its unique number of skyscrapers and is the busiest German airport. The old saying “Great things in small packages” goes well for this smallest metropolis, which is also a paradise for all your money spending.

The city has interesting offers for extensive tours of the city with cultural enjoyment and attractive shopping treats waiting for you. The open and hospitable atmosphere in Frankfurt stems from its centuries-old role as a trading centre backed with liberal and democratic tradition of the city. This may be one reason for the fact that people from very diverse cultures have lived here in peace with one another for a long time. Frankfurt has many great things to offer – from arts, outdoors, and shopping, to historic buildings and high-rises.

Here are the 10 best Frankfurt attractions you don’t want to miss:

1.    The Main Tower

Completed in 1999, the Main Tower is one of a kind high-rise construction consisting two interlinked buildings with a facade made entirely of glass. One is square, 170 meters high and the other is a round building 199.5 meters high. The main tower is the only one in the city that has a publicly accessible viewing platform with restaurant.

2.    Goethe’s House

This is the birthplace to Germany’s most important writer, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832), located in the Innenstadt district of Frankfurt. The visitor to this place can see the study with its writing desk as it would have been used by Goethe to pen his early works. The Goethe town house, which is filled with the original furniture, paintings and books of the family Goethe inspires all art & literature fans. It is next door to the Goethe Museum, which opened to the public along with the restored Goethe House in 1954 after the Second World War

3.    Cider taverns in Sachsenhausen

Frankfurt offers a light alcoholic apple cider (wine) known as “Apfelwein”, or “Ebbelwoi”. It is produced domestically from eating or cooking apples, such as Granny Smith or Bramleyin that has a tart, sour taste. You can find some of the best and oldest apple cider taverns in the cobblestone streets of Frankfurt’s district “Sachsenhausen” where one can also participate in regular cider competitions and fairs.

4.    Romerberg

Römerberg is the central and most beautiful square in Frankfurt’s Altstadt (Old Town). The area’s buildings include the city hall, the Römer that is the medieval building and the city’s most important landmarks. It has been the site of markets and fairs, tournaments and festivals, executions and imperial elections and coronations. Since the Holy Roman Empire, the fountain of justice originated here in the middle of the square pillaring the city’s mesmerizing panorama.

5.    Paulskirche – Church of St Paul

The Paulskirche, symbol of the German democratic movement, is a church built between 1789 and 1833 at the center of Frankfurt’s Old Town. The first gathering for a parliament took place here in 1848. Post World War II, the church was the only building to have fully reconstructed because of its historic significance.

6.    Museumsufer

Museumsufer or Museum Embankment is one of the most important locations for museums in Germany and Europe. The area stretches between the Friedensbrücke bridge in the west all the way to Dreikönigskirche church in the east embankingto the south of the Main River in Frankfurt. This museum shore boasts one of Germany’s best cultural treasures. Museums found here include the Film Museum, the Museum of Applied Art, the Jewish Museum and the Architecture Museum.

7.    Senckenberg Museum of Natural History

The Senckenberg Museum is the second largest natural history museum in Germany offering visitors the opportunity to explore the biodiversity of our planet, both in recent decades and over the centuries. Senckenberg boasts the largest exhibition of large dinosaurs in Europe. The Senckenberg Museum offers regular evening lectures and tours in new scientific findings in all areas of biology, paleontology and geology.

8.    Zeil shopping street

The Zeil,Germany’s most trafficked shopping street, is the most famous road in Frankfurt for all visitors who enjoy top-notch shopping experiences. Located on the Zeil, the Zeilgalerie is equally as renowned for its architecture as for its shops. This shopping center includes a number of stores peddling electronics and music as well as clothing and is home to several restaurants. A fun-to-visit rooftop terrace provides a panoramic view of the city.

9.    Museum of Modern Art

The Museum fürModerneKunst, commonly known as Museum of Modern Art, was founded in 1981. It is one of the highlights among contemporary art collections in Europe. it is called “piece of cake” because it is shaped in a triangular shape has forty rooms resembling a journey of discovery in modern art that mainly focus on Pop Art, object art and room installations.

10. Palmengarten botanical garden

On around 22 hectares of land, The Palmengarten,is one of two botanical gardens in Frankfurt. It has got various greenhouses with different climates from all over the world, the pond full of fishes and turtles where you can rent a rowing boat. Almost every kind of exotic flora growing around the world can be found here. The Tropicarium, an ensemble of 14 modern-looking greenhouses, houses a wealth of tropical and subtropical species. Not only is the Tropicarium a great place to learn about nature, but it also illustrates what the climate is like in different parts of our planet. Next to Frankfurt Botanical Garden, The Palmengartenis home to 50 acres of tropical trees, orchids and ferns.

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