10 Best countryside getaways near London

Charming scenic views, historic buildings and a fresh whiff of air describe countryside getaways near London best. So if you are sick of London (quite unlikely in this happening city), plan for a remote weekend trip in any of these countryside getaways at the outskirts of the city.

In spite of the remoteness of these idyllic villages, you can comfortably get back to your Monday schedule. As you drive past the busy city lanes, the countryside charm overpowers you.  Fix your gaze to the distant horizon anticipating beautiful roadside views and you won’t be disappointed.

Choicest accommodations are available ranging from hostel rooms, private accommodations to starred luxury accommodations with B&B arrangements. On your way, you are likely to come across few decent roadside accommodations displaying homemade merchandise like tarts, cakes, muffins and cookies.

10 countryside getaways near London to enjoy a relaxing weekend:

Occasional country weekend breaks are great for your health. You don’t have to break the bank but can enjoy quality relaxing hours to rejuvenate your body and soul. Go through the following choicest countryside destinations and make the best of your stay in London.

1.     Surrey Hills, Surrey:

SurreyIf you badly need to escape city life, Surrey Hills with its outstanding beauty would be the ideal countryside getaway near London. It is a dream destination for walkers, cyclists and horse riders. You have direct train routes from Waterloo and Victoria. The journey will not take more than half an hour.

The green rolling landscape practically allows you all sorts of exploration. For dedicated trails, you can head on for Box Hill and Leith Hill. The place is also noted for some artistic exploration as it has inspired creativity in some of the UK’s most renowned artists, performers, novelists and musicians.

2.     Winchester:

A one-hour train journey or a nearly 2-hour car drive will take you to one of the coolest countryside getaways near London well-known for its appearance since long. Fantastic food has been one of the biggest attractions of this popular cathedral city.

Step into the Hoxton Bakehouse for a satisfying breakfast with cruffins or sit with a craft beer and tacos at Overdraft. Do not miss the chili beef burrito pie at Piecaramba. You can choose to explore Hampshire from this place.

Experience a unique wine tour at Hambledon, the oldest vineyard of the UK. In Chawton, you can visit the house of Jane Austen, the birthplace of memorable literary characters. Best luxury accommodation and VIP treatments are available in specific boutique hotels and luxury inns.

3.     A trip to Stonehenge, Bath and Windsor Castle:

StonehengeOne of the popular day trips from London, this is worth taking. The main attraction of this tour is that you can get to see three iconic destinations of London along with enjoying a country weekend break. The whole day trip may seem to be tiring but if the weather is great, you will not feel an iota of tiredness.

Windsor Castle, housing the Royal British Family since the last 900 years is the longest occupied castle in Europe. The State Apartments and the St. George’s Chapel will leave you overwhelmed. Set out for Salisbury to visit Stonehenge, the legendary rock formation.

Is it borne from a supernatural phenomenon or an outcome of intensive human work aimed to preserve agriculture? The subject still remains open to debate. The panoramic Georgian and Roman baths take you back to history narrating the evolution of mineral-infused spa treatments.

4.     Lake District:

A weekend amidst wilderness is what you can call a visit to the Lake District. This wonderful countryside getaway near London covering 900 miles dotted with chocolate-box-like villages can be visited any time of the year. To reach here, it takes two hour and thirty-eight minute journey by train and 5 hours by car.

On a bright sunny day, you can dare to climb Scafell Pike, the highest peak of England. For a less strenuous adventure, visit the World of Beatrix Potter taking a steamer through Ullswater. Stock few delicious treats from Grasmere Gingerbread Shop that prepares world-class gingerbread using a 160-year old recipe. You can choose a luxurious accommodation or sleep in picturesque campsites of Buttermere under a starlit sky.

5.     Canterbury, Kent:

CanterburyThe name brings in a flash the famous “Canterbury Tales” penned by Chaucer. If you are a history buff, you cannot avoid this culturally rich countryside getaway near London. Even if you are not attached to history, this place is ideal for country weekend breaks.

You can reach here within two hours of journey by rail or road. The cobbled streets, the cathedral and the castle will leave you charmed. It has another attraction to offer – the seaside on your doorstep. While taking in fresh sea-breeze, pause for a moment to taste the delicious ice-cream at Herne Bay.

6.     Scottish Highlands:

If you are in love with greenery and spookiness, a countryside weekend in the Scottish Highlands is a must. Immerse yourself in wildlife tours, gorge walking, white water rafting, quad-bike tours and bush craft.

A twelve and half hour journey by train from London to Fort William will take you here. Test your fitness by making it to the top of Ben Nevis, the iconic peak of Scotland. It would barely take 6-8 hours to reach the top and come back. Your trip to Scottish Highlands is not complete without a tour to Ardnamurchan Distillery for wee dram tasting.

7.     The Cotswolds:

The-CotswoldsOne of the scenic countrysides very near to London ideal for a romantic weekend. The 750 square mile area covered with pleasant greenery includes Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Wiltshire, Worcestershire and Somerset. Each country has a charm unique of its own.

This countryside is reachable by one and half hour train journey or a two and half hour car drive. Naturally, driving by the car is more enjoyable as you cross the clean highway roads swiftly passing by the honey-colored stone cottages that seem to belong to yesteryears.

Many cottages offer B&B arrangements. The lovely green farmlands are ideal for growing a special kind of wheat that goes to make best quality cookies and biscuits. The right place to remain immersed in nature with your paramour.

8.     Cliveden House, Berkshire:

Countryside getaways near London can be fantastic for a romantic weekend especially in the Cliveden House, the centuries-old estate turned into a hotel. After a major revamp, it is all set for a romantic splurge being very close to the city.

The graveled driveway and the gorgeous dark wood interiors with portraits of distinguished guests make you feel grand. The rooms are decorated tastefully with period furnishings and the swift services make you feel at home. Enjoy sipping the choicest beverage on the terrace overlooking manicured gardens and thick woodlands.

9.     The New Forest, Hampshire:

HampshireThose looking for a different kind of countryside weekend break should visit this place. Not only you get to escape city life, but here you are exposed to a beautiful world of animals. 5000 New Forest ponies have been roaming in this land for nearly 2000 years.

Wanna meet Peppa Pig? Visit the Paultons Park, the home to this cute animal and one of the most entertaining theme parks worth exploring with family and kids. Select a weekend in September for a short stay in the famous Pig Hotel in Brockenhurst where you can see pigs roaming freely. A one and half hour journey from Waterloo will take you to this place.

10.  Chewton Glen, Hampshire:

This hotel in Hampshire countryside is noted for its spa. The price tag may be a bit pinching but it doesn’t last long as you enter the colonnaded spa pool. Who would not love to indulge in a weekend spa in this beautiful location?

Chewton Glen takes pride in housing the largest hydrotherapy pool in the UK.  Linda Meredith Facials and Ila Treatments are other top spa treatments offered. The recent addition of Tree houses with complementary suites amidst stunning views completely defines the luxurious English countryside retreat. You get great food with considerable light meal options to make you feel light in all respects!

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