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Why and How to Use Emotional Intelligence for Workplace Productivity

Emotional Intelligence (1)

Emotional intelligence is the way you deal with your emotions and use them to understand other people around you. Be it a social setting or work-life you always have an advantage when you know how to influence and inspire others.

You may have several types of goals in life that require you to work passionately toward them. While there are various ways to enhance your passion, cultivating a hobby can be highly effective in improving your lifestyle and channelizing your energies in a positive direction.


How to Pick Hobbies to Enhance Productivity

Your hobby is such an activity that can offer pleasure, as well as stimulate your mind. It helps you to develop personal creativity and varied skills. These skills are beneficial to move forward in life and reach your goals effectively. Check out some tips to cultivate sound hobbies that can make you more productive.

1. Pick up hobbies to match your character

Not every individual has the same personality and interests. Since everyone holds a unique character, it is very important to choose your hobbies according to your personality or character traits. Find out things that drive you and motivate you to make progress in life. See what makes you happier and energizes you even at the time of burnout.

You may develop anything of interest into a hobby. For example, some people chill out by knitting and designing while others like to be involved in sports. If you are more of an introvert, then you may like to adopt hobbies like art and craft, swimming, stamp collection, make music, etc. However, if you have social traits, then you may like to form a discussion community or get involved in charity work. Thus, you should choose what seems more creative and refreshing per your character.

2. Do not give up on hobbies completely

To cultivate a productive hobby, it is critical that you never give up a hobby totally. Try to take out a little time for your hobby whenever you may do so. For example, you may love cooking or reading novels. Even in a tight schedule, make sure to dedicate a few minutes every week to your hobby. Do not let it die. You can try to bake bread once a week or read half a page of your favorite novel each day. This will help you to revive your hobby quickly when you have ample time for it.

3. Take out time to learn from your hobby

When you take up any activity, make sure to gain something out of it. All types of hobbies hold some learning for you. Thus, you should focus on things that can be learned from your hobbies. For instance, a simple hobby of puzzle-solving is wonderful for sharpening your mind. Similarly, drawing and sketching improve your imagination and creativity. Thus, you can always be more innovative after pursuing a hobby.

4. Be enthusiastic about a hobby to frame a vocation

When you try to find productive hobbies, take them up with zeal and frame a vocation around them. It can be highly fulfilling for you. While your actual career may be different from your hobbies, you can also treat your hobbies as a vocation. For example, some people who are good at knitting or handcraft may like to sell their items through varied modes. Similarly, painters and artists also like to display their work in exhibitions. It can actually give you additional energy to work toward your goals.

5. Check the viability of your hobby in a business sense

As discussed in the previous section, you can also develop your hobby into a business. As your hobby matches your character and interests, it can be one of the best careers for you. Thus, you should try to check its viability to be developed into a business of your own. This way, you can pursue your hobby for personal satisfaction and also make money for living.

Give a positive direction and meaning to your life by cultivating a hobby that fits your character traits and interests. Keep your hobby alive and learn things out of pursuing it. In fact, you may also develop your hobby into a fulfilling career.

Things You Can Do Before Sleep to Enhance Your Productivity

It’s quite possible that you end your day by watching TV or spending time with your family. It is almost a routine and part of daily life for most people. Do you know that all the great people of the world have an altogether different way to end their day and this makes a lot of difference in their lives? You should always utilize and make the most of the time that you have after having your dinner.


1. Make a To-Do List

That does not mean that you should keep making To-Do lists for weeks or months. Planning is best done the night before, where you have the schedule of the upcoming day crystal clear. If you plan tonight about your activities and actions for tomorrow, then tomorrow may go simpler for you.

You can be more productive at work the next day if you plan things at night and review them in the morning before starting your day. In this manner, you will receive a bigger picture of what all you need to do and how you need to manage your time throughout the day. This can prioritize your tasks and keep you relaxed while working on them. To plan your day a night before, you only need to take out a few minutes before you go to bed. Again, you only need a little time in the morning to review your plan.

2. Prepare the schedule for the next day

Spending about half an hour in total can keep you free of all worries that you generally face when there is a rush of unorganized tasks in the morning. Although not each day is the same, you can still go for planning routine things. You should probably start by reviewing your day. Give perspective to all the things you did on a typical day. Analyze what actions or steps would have been useful to complete your tasks in time. Focus on positive things and learn lessons from your last day.

After you analyze it, decide on the tasks to be completed the next day. You should be clear about all minute and detailed things you would have to do. Since your priorities may alter, you should remain flexible while planning your schedule. Thus, it is best to have an outline of all your requirements. This makes it easier to review when you wake up the next morning. In addition, prioritize your tasks as far as possible so you know what is necessary for you to complete during the next day. Mark at least three things you will complete tomorrow. This actually helps you achieve much more than that.

3. Select the outfit for the next day

Apart from planning your tasks for the next day, you may also plan and complete a few tasks at night itself. This can include things like selecting your outfit for the next day, ironing your clothes, packing your lunch, cleaning your house, organizing your place, packing fitness and work gear, etc. Several surveys have revealed that such little things consume much of your time in the morning when you actually need to have a clam mind to stay more productive. These small tasks end up confusing and frustrating to you in the morning.

4. Recall what you have accomplished

Try to recall everything you have done during the day. The meeting you attended, lunch with the clients, and the time spend with your family. The first thought that comes to your mind is that what if you do not accomplish anything. Every day spends with your loved ones is a blessing in itself. No matter how little your accomplishments are, they should be a part of your list.

5. Feed good thoughts to the brain

A very simple and classy method to do that is the habit to read. Books can enlighten you with ways to get success. You get inspired when you go through a success story of someone who has inspired many. Your success may not get published to inspire others, but it would make a big difference in your life. Learn to create opportunities from challenges.

6. Make time for family

All the struggle and effort in your life is an attempt to give happiness to your family and if you can’t sit and relax with them then all your efforts go down the drain. You can’t buy happiness, it comes free of cost; you simply have to make ways to make space for them in your life for it. No luxury of the world could really match the home-cooked food you have with your family.

7. Plan your day in advance

If you plan the following day a day before, it would make things easier for you. Iron your clothes for the next day, collect all the papers you required in your office, and try to divide your day according to your routine. It will save you a lot of time and energy that you waste having an overview of everything that awaits you.

8. Make time for yourself

After a long hectic day now is the time that you can spend time with yourself. It is time away from all the worries of the world. However, it is difficult to spend time alone since you are only a phone call away unless you switch off your mobile. Spend some time with yourself to get to know yourself better.

9. Envision the following

Never underestimate the power of imaginations. All you think and envision have the strength of turning into a reality. Imagine good thoughts and envision theta the following day would bring only success and happiness to you. Imagine that you will be strong enough to face all the problems head-on and come out as a winner.

10. Be thankful

You always have reasons to be thankful for, life has beautiful offerings for all. Stop killing time counting things you don’t have in your life and start counting the blessings. If you are able to live a life that keeps giving you reasons to smile with your loving family to stand by your side, then there is nothing really to complain about.

The time to go to bed can serve the purpose of making a list of all your accomplishment with a further plan to make the following day even more productive.


Benefits of Utilizing Your Emotional Intelligence for Productivity

Research says that those people who have a high level of emotional intelligence are more successful than even those who have a better IQ. Emotional intelligence has become one of the most important factors to enhance your work life as well as social connections. Emotional intelligence:

1. Gives words to your feelings

Those who are not able to express their feelings in an appropriate manner become victims of stress and anxiety. Emotional intelligence helps you be very specific with the way you feel at certain situations. It helps you understand how to control the way you feel or use your emotions to bring out the best in you. Felling bad may be a broader phenomenon and you cannot do anything about the way you feel if you cannot be specific about it.

2. Helps you show you care

You have to be considerate about the way others feel about a particular situation. At your dinner table or a review meeting at your office, you have to be compassionate about others. You cannot take your coworkers as machines that need to be programmed. Emotional intelligence helps you to be kind and loving towards all. Those who order around their coworkers or family members try hard to be successful as they fail to get their support.

3. Enables you to carry on

You really cannot keep cursing your fate for one mistake, as it will take away your chances to execute other strategies to get success. On the other hand, you cannot let go off your mistakes, as it is important to take learning and use that to improve yourself. Emotional intelligence comes for your rescue here. People with high level of emotional intelligence always make the best use of the learning they take from their mistakes. They do not over think or over plan. Quite surprisingly, they develop the same attitude for others around them. They believe in forgive and forget policy.

4. Makes it easier to resolve issues

It is important to have problem solving skills so that you can keep yourself on good terms with all others. At your workplace, emotional intelligence gives you the ability to resolve complex issues and to maintain decorum. When you are good at sorting out problems you one way or another, contribute in the growth and development of the organization. People with high emotional intelligence are always loved and admire by their family members as they have the image of a problem solver.

5. Helps you detach yourself

You do not feel the need and desire to be in touch with virtual world of internet that keeps you connected with your work life. When happiness derives from your inner self, you live in the moment and enjoy each phase of your life. You keep yourself totally focused when you are at your office and do not let your work life interrupt you when you are with your family. On the contrary, emotional intelligence makes you able to give more to all others around you.

6. Makes you able to admire change and keeps yourself in control

Change is the only thing, which is permanent, and you certainly cannot avoid it. Emotional intelligence teaches you the art to convert challenges into opportunities. You do not fear changes but admire and use them to your advantage. You do not lose your cool over trivial things and know how to channel your energy in the right direction.




To your amazement, you can successfully increase your emotional intelligence through these tips and prove yourself worthy of success in life. It even gives you an advantage against those who may have scored better in academics and turns you into a better human being for sure.


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