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Cultural Tourism Guide

Why cultural tourism matters

As we are social animals, we cannot afford to stay cut off in isolated islands. Moreover, as we are endowed with intellect as well, we need to interact with other members of the society both alien and local to feed our intellectual needs. Cultural tourism provides a gateway across which we get the necessary feedback on our cultural quest. Tourism ...

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What is cultural tourism?

Cultural tourism embraces activities of tourists visiting distant lands with a view to appreciating and absorbing an alien culture. In a way it is a one- way traffic in the sense that the tourist is left enchanted by his cultural exposure offered by the guest nation. Next, it is the turn of the guest to do his bit. However, cultural ...

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Activities within cultural tourism


As the title suggests, cultural tourism has much to do with activating your intellect. It is more mental than physical putting in you the fire to survey the wonders of an alien culture. Activities in cultural tourism are long and exciting. They all start with drawing up the itinerary and culminate as you drop back home. Meanwhile, the wonderful sojourn ...

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Travel and tourism arrangements in cultural tourism

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As the demand for culturally famous destinations came under focus, the passionate drive to visit these legendary places mounted. Consequently, the need to have an organized tour operating industry emerged. The tourists thereafter saw a massive bloom in tour and travel arrangements across the world. One tour operator competed with the other offering the tourists custom designed products faster than ...

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Top 10 destinations in cultural tourism

Cultural tour destinations are scattered across the globe. Foundations of civilization laid way back into the ancient past have bloomed into cultural hotspots, drawing tourists, art enthusiasts and culture buffs in waves. An attempt has been made to list out ten top cultural destinations as cited below: A)    Italy: Italy ranks high up in the list as a prime destination ...

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Things to do post cultural tourism


After your cultural tourism is complete you are certainly not the person you had been as if a key had been turned inside you. You are much accomplished now. Your mind had been cultivated with a refinement that you see the need to make your own contribution to the world of art and culture. I bet this creative phase is ...

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Preparations for going on cultural tourism


The tourist wakes up to a call one fine morning from a country famed for cultural tourism and packs his luggage. No the things does not work that way. Neither does his cultural juice collect overnight which inspire him on a cultural expedition abroad. Cultural tourism calls for a thorough preparation that would make your voyage and its memory settle ...

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