Maintaining online reputation is our forte at Dr Prem Web Services.


What is ORM?

ORM or Online Reputation Management is a process of comprehending and manipulating the person’s or a business reputation online. With the progress of online promotion and social networking, ORM has totally become a practice that is influenced by search engine results. The online reputation of an individual or an organization is estimated with the ‘search results’. The higher the placement of the website in the search engine results, the greater the online status of the person or business.

ORM is quite similar to online image management (OIM) or personal reputation management (PRM). Although the ethics used in ORM are reminiscent to traditional PR activities, the ORM also uses grey ethical areas like censoring negative comments on website, making use of smart SEO techniques and even astroturfing the review websites.

The internet repute of an individual, business or brand is primarily dependant on online marketing, but with ORM the websites can blend the marketing processes with some ethical structures of status management.

Why use ORM

Many of you must think that when online marketing is here then why ORM is required. Yes, it’s correct that effective marketing strategies are always beneficial in increasing the business and brand reputation, but managing the earned reputation is also a necessary task. For a business owner, maintaining the company’s goodwill is a very crucial activity that has to be taken care of efficiently. Here are few reasons to choose ORM:

  • Sales enhancement

    One of the major reasons for an effective ORM is to augment the online sales. Almost all online buyers look out for services and products that are reliable and popular on World Wide Web. In such a scenario, if your brand or business is well reputed then the ball is in your court!

  • Buyer’s trust

    To gain customer’s trust and faith is the most important for all business owners. Online transactions with customers can only be done in a proper manner if your brand or business enjoys a good status and with ORM it’s possible.

  • Staffing

    For a reputed online business, hiring the professional staff is not at all an issue. If your online presence is strong and have a high status, you will be able to grab the best talent for your business.

ORM vs Traditional PR

Balancing-Public-RelationsTraditional PR is mainly story-based as generally it involves publishing the articles related to an individual, brand or business in the magazines and news papers. Even the TV and radio are also the means of advertisement in the traditional PR procedure. Where as what is known as ORM is altogether a different concept. Unlike PR, ORM involves the posting of blogs, comments and articles on social networking sites and other review sites to build up the reputation of the website in the search engine. E-mail marketing campaign and online press releases are some of the other options that one can choose for ORM.

Another striking feature of traditional PR that is different from ORM is the scrutiny of the stories and posts published in the magazines and news papers. Editors are required to read through all the stories prior to publishing them whereas ORM is scrutiny free and business owners are allowed to post whatever they like to promote their business.

Why rely Dr Prem Web Services for ORM?

Dr Prem Web Services being a group or network of niche websites is able to cater to the needs of the businesses that require a strong online presence. Yes, maintaining online reputation or any brand or business is our forte and at Dr Prem Web Services you can easily catch the attention of the online customers.

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So, for a sturdy and giant online presence, come to Dr Prem Web Services and we are ready to help you!