Maintaining online reputation is our forte at Dr Prem Web Services.

What is ORM?

ORM or Online Reputation Management is a process of comprehending and manipulating the person’s or a business reputation online. With the progress of online promotion and social networking, ORM has totally become a practice that is influenced by search engine results. The online reputation of an individual or an organization is estimated with the ‘search results’. The higher the placement of the website in the search engine results, the greater the online status of the person or business.

ORM is quite similar to online image management (OIM) or personal reputation management (PRM). Although the ethics used in ORM are reminiscent to traditional PR activities, the ORM also uses grey ethical areas like censoring negative comments on website, making use of smart SEO techniques and even astroturfing the review websites.

The internet repute of an individual, business or brand is primarily dependant on online marketing, but with ORM the websites can blend the marketing processes with some ethical structures of status management.