Underwater hotels that lure every traveler

If you are thinking to go on a dream vacation, try going underwater. You would not only find aquatic creatures welcoming you, but also a special luxury hotel that could accommodate you under an ocean. Even if you do not believe this, the truth remains that various hotels are the kinds of hidden treasure under the sea. To check them out, you will also have to go underwater. These marvelous underwater hotels can attract any tourist who loves the sea life under a vast ocean. Let us see what some of these beautiful underwater hotels offer to their visitors.

Jules Undersea Lodge, Florida

Originally built in 1970s as a research laboratory, it was later turned into an underwater hotel that became the world’s first such hotel. Based in Key Largo, Florida, the Jules Undersea Lodge opened its doors to guests in 1986. Since then, many celebrities have enjoyed the stay in this wonderful lodge that is located about 21 feet below the sea floor. Visitors to this lodge, who have no experience of diving, are first given a scuba diving crash course for around three hours.

The lodge also offers diving excursions for enthusiasts. Tourists seeking a unique exposure to the underwater world can have its mesmerizing feel from the wide windows of this lodge. This hotel provides all required amenities, including hot showers, air conditioners, DVD players, stereo systems, etc. A lavish breakfast and dinner is served exactly on set timings. Romantic couples can truly enjoy the dinner experience in this wonderful setting.

Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji

Based 40 feet below the sea level, this 5-star underwater resort offers ultimate luxury. Each guest has access to his/her personal submarine, which is always ready to take him or her on an exploratory tour of the lagoon. For an in-depth excursion, another luxury submarine can carry 16 passengers at a time. To support the resort’s tourism, there is an artificial Poseidon Mystery Island built. Guests can engage in various activities on this island. Every hotel room has transparent acrylic walls that allow people to watch the aquatic world around them, and even feed the fish!

Utter Inn, Sweden

Constructed by Mikael Genberg in 2000, the Utter Inn is a unique concept of building an underwater, one-room inn under a lake. Giving an appearance similar to a Swedish red house, the Utter Inn is like an aquarium in which you can enjoy the pleasure of being watched by fish swimming around you. This is somewhat opposite to you watching a fish in an aquarium. If you plan to stay in this special inn, you will have to pay an extra charge for Mr. Genberg to serve you the dinner. Else, just be ready to manage it on your own. Undoubtedly, this inn offers a spectacular view of the lake, provided you make reservations in advance.

Atlantis Hotel, Dubai

Situated on a palm-shaped island, this wonderful underwater hotel has 1,539 rooms. This megaplex includes various unique facilities, such as the Poseidon Suite, Grand Lobby, The Lost Chambers, Ossiano restaurant, Leap of Faith Waterslide, Dolphin Bay, Ambassador Lagoon, and a shark-infested lagoon. With so many underwater attractions that are uniquely mesmerizing, imagine who would not want to stay in the Atlantis Hotel!

The hotel’s suites offer a special view of the lagoon from their bedrooms and bathrooms. You can have an amazing experience of witnessing up to 65,000 aquatic animals. Your experience can further enhance when you visit the hotel’s Grand Lobby, which offers a real taste of the royal life. Its Ossiano restaurant offers one-of-its-kinds exposure to fine dining under the water. You will find the giant fish waiting to have a taste of your dish. However, if you wish to have a close encounter with sharks, try sliding down the Leap of Faith Waterslide that will end up in the shark-infested lagoon.

Ithaa Restaurant, Hilton Maldives Hotel, Maldives

Do you want to see marine animals in their natural habitat in the dark? Visit this restaurant named Ithaa, which is a part of the Hilton Maldives Hotel. The restaurant has created a bedroom suite out of an underwater dining room. This suite can give you a full view of the ocean during the night when you want to watch these aquatic species.

Istanbul Underwater Hotel, Istanbul

This seven-floor underwater hotel provides a unique view of the famous city of Istanbul. Its exhibition halls, restaurants and rooms are all aimed to offer a spectacular view of the underwater life.

The Water Discus, Dubai

This concept design for an underwater complex is already hyped before even coming into its full form. It would cover an area of around 1,000 square meters. The complex would include a hotel, restaurant, bar and spa. The construction will take place above the water level, as well as underwater. This complex would offer interesting beach activities, diving and other water sports for guests.

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