Previously under autocratic rule, the widespread reform in Ukraine has transformed the region to one worth visiting. Located in Eastern Europe close to Romania and  Slovakia is, Ukraine is slowly shedding away its Soviet Union rule and focusing more on an European Union mentality. With the newfound freedom tourists can expect to witness the creativity and innovation of the new generation with the historical sites of the past—this makes Ukraine a very interesting destination to visit.


Ukraine is located in Eastern Europe in between 44 and 52 degrees latitude in the continental temperate zone in the east of Europe. This destination shares its boundaries with Russia on the east and Belarus on the north, on the south with the Black Sea and on the west it shares its boundaries with Romania, Moldova, Hungary and Slovakia. Ukraine occupies a total area of 603,700 square kilometers, somewhat smaller than the size of Texas.


The people of Ukraine are fun loving and enjoy their culture in the form of traditional dances and games. Many of these were originated from the rural villages of Cossack where some of the oldest and ancient form of dances can be traced. However, male or females perform these traditional dances at a time but often they both mix in together to enjoy.


People here are very proud of their heritage and multi-cultural celebrations that are held all round the year. One of such festivity held in the spring, celebrated in the entire province. Events and festivals of Ukraine are very energetic with good food and feature dancers with colorful costumes and great traditional music. These celebrations include dance festivals and competitions for particular dances.


The climatic condition in Ukraine is moderate with yearly average temperature ranging from 6 to 9 degrees Celsius. In the southern part of Steppes and Crimea, the average temperature ranges from 10 to 13 degree Celsius.

Language Ukrainian, Russian, Crimean, Tatar
Time Zone EET(UTC+2) summer EEST(UTC+3)
Dialing Code +380
Electricity 220V, 50Hz
Major Cities Kiev, Chernivtsi, Odessa, Lviv
Currency Hryvnia

Health Related

Mortality Rate 15.7 deaths/ 1000 population
Life Expectancy M 64/ F 74
Patient: Physician Ratio 240: 1
Hospitals JCI accredited 0
Recommended Vaccinations Measles, Hepatitis A, Typhoid, Hepatitis B, Rabies, Influenza, Tickborne encephalitis, Diphtheria-tetanus, MMR, Varicella
Other Infections Leptospirosis, Anthrax, Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever, HIV

Tourism Related

Population 45,888,000
Global Competitiveness 3.90
Tourism Competitiveness 3.8/7
GDP/Capita $2,795
Health and Hygiene 6.4/7
Safety and Security 4.7/7
Air Transport Infrastructure 2.6/133
Tourism Infrastructure 3.7/7
Cultural Infrastructure 1.8/7
Visa Requirements 91/133
Reliability of Police Services 105/133
Physician Density 29/133
Hospital Beds 3/133
Quality of Air Transport Infrastructure 105/133
International Air Transport Network 120/133
Quality of Roads 120/133
Hotel Rooms 107/133
Tourism Openness 57/133
Attitude of Population Towards Foreign Visitors 119/133

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