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Travel trip to the Bangkok temples and Chao Phraya River

Travel trip to the Bangkok temples and Chao Phraya River

Bangkok is a lovely place to spend a holiday without any worries. This place is filled with natural diversities starting from river, valley to other historical place. Chao Phraya River is one of the beautiful tourist destinations in the city of Bangkok. Many interested facts about King Taksin connected with Chao Phraya river make the tourist fascinating. Abundant of fish was available in this river. People may not know about the fertility of the river which was forecasted long back by the early settlers of the place.

A river of Kings

History of Chao Phraya River can be realized by the tourists under the guidance of the tourist guide. This river is also known as the life blood of the city of Bangkok. The rich history of King Rama attracted people from different parts of the world to visit this city. This river is the place of transportation. Export and imports of goods takes place through this popular historical river of Bangkok. More than 50,000 people use ferries on the river to travel and pass ob cargoes. Kids among the tourists are still enjoys fun and frolic in the Russell brown water.

People travelling to spend their holiday in Bangkok can also stay in many renowned and branded hotels in the city of Bangkok. Church, temples and other religious places are also visited by thousands of tourists in the city.

Temples in Bangkok

Loha Prasada

Bangkok is a destination for elegant and majestic temples which also have unique architectural identity. This temple is quite near to well known Wat Saket. Being a famous temple of the city, it is also known as the metal castle. In the year 2005, UNESCO has declared it as one of the world’s heritage site.

Phra Pathom Chedi

This is a temple in Bangkok with another name as the First Stupa. It is the temple with the tallest Stupa with the height of 127 meters. The construction of the temples also draws a intriguing story. Two thousand years before from now, Buddhism was introduced in Bangkok. This temple is the proof of Buddhist tradition and culture in the city.

Pathum Wanaram temple

The area where this temple was constructed was only accessible by Khlong or canal. Even today, the surrounding of the temple is bounded by the rice field. In the year 1857, the King Mongkut found peace in this temple for his worship. This temple was very near to his Palace. You will find wonderful carvings done by the craftsman inside this temple.

Wat Arun

Local name of this tourist destination is known as Wat Chaeng. This is a beautiful temple that is situated in the bank of Chao Phraya River. It was believed that, the king Taksin arrived to this temple when there was a fight announced with the Burmese army. The King also took the step to renovate the temple after the war. The temple was also renamed as Wat Chaeng. The temple consist an important Buddha image which was removed few years after.


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