Travel tour pacakge to see the attractions in Lima capital city of Peru

Lima tour will make the tourist spell bound with the modern Peruvian life.  You can be in the shoes of the local residents staying in Peru by viewing their activities. The tour management will allow you to shop from the local market. A chance to sip Pisco sour will be provided to all those who have visited Lima under the management of Urban Adventures. If you want to learn Spanish, you can definitely get an opportunity in Peru.  Churros are also really famous in Lima.

Highlights of the tour

  • Visitors can find out the infamous sights in Lima. There are some exciting hidden gems present in Lima which have not yet known by many people in the world
  • You can learn Spanish language over here along with the use of some local phrases
  • Locals will speak about the rich history of Lima. You can patiently listen to it and enjoy the facts.
  • Tourists will also get the facility of exploring parks, churches and plazas. Listening to the local tales will also be fascinating
  • Visitors can easily kick back in peru with the sip on pisco sour

Tour style in Peru

The tour style will be market visits, enjoying the cuisines, orientation & walking, history with heritage

The tour at Lima with the Urban Adventures will include Pisco sour, an English speaking guide who has knowledge about the local language, entrance fee of San Francisco Monastery.


You must also keep in mind that, the tour authority will exclude some features from their tour package. It will include some tips to the local guide, items which are personal in nature, drinks.

Group size and other information

Since Urban Adventures guides have an objective to provide individual care to each individual tourist within their group, they will not allow more than 12 people at a time. Within the period of 4 hours, entire tour will be fulfilled.

Tourists will be picked up from a common point by the guide. This common point will be the main entrance of Gran hotel Bolivar. The time fixed by the tourist guide will be 2:00 pm. Even the drop off point is also been fixed. The entire tourist will be dropped at Maurey Hotel which is situated at Jr. Ucayali 201 at Lima Downtown.

Details of Voucher

It is mandatory for all the tourists to present the voucher at the time of tourist to present the voucher to the guide before starting the tour.

You must contact the authority at Lima Urban Adventures to make a confirmation of the trip just before 24 hours of the departure schedule.

Dress standard

Since you are exploring one of the places in Latin America, you must be aware that, people staying there are very conscious about their appearance. You have to put a tinge of casualness in your conservation dress code. If you are beside the beaches, halter tops and shots are allowed. But, this should not be adopted outside the beach area. If you are visiting the Church area and other religious places, dresses should cover the knees and shoulders.


While you were in school, the history lessons of various places used to fascinate you. Getting good connection with the heart and soul at Peruvian city will be an enjoyment at Peru. You don’t have to read the history book again. This Lima city tour will provide you with all adventurous information.

The local guide will take you from the main door of Bolivar hotel to various interesting places in Lima. Even the tour guide will help you learn some interesting Spanish speeches. The information which was never presented to the mass public about Bolivar hotel will be provided by the local guide about the Bolivar hotel.

Now your next activity in the tour package will include walking along Jiron de la Union. It is an avenue that links pedestrian travelling from Plaza San Martin to Plaza de Armas. The local guide will show you some interesting sites while you are walking in the avenue.

Facts about the hidden gems as well as classic tales of Lima will be disclosed by the tourist guide within the tour package. Sampling some Chicha morada will be a pleasure. It is a dark color local drink available in the particular place.

A short stop will be provided at San Pedro de Lima Church which is placed at the centre. The rich and diverse food culture in Peru will be soon realized by the tourists visiting Lima.

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