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Top hotels for family ski

family ski

Top family ski hotels are marked by their family friendly atmosphere, large outstretched playing grounds for kids, good food and hospitality and a variety of skiing terrains starting from gentle slopes for beginners and intermediates and steep gradients for experienced and professionals. Here we illustrate a few family friendly great skiing resorts in Europe with primarily the Alpine range standing in the background:

1) Les Deux Alpes Ski holidays, France:

This is a far above average resort with lengthy sunshine and lofty pistes guaranteed to receive generous snowfall. The depth of snowfall ranges between 80 cm for the upper slopes and 2 cm for the lower slope and the pistes are as fresh as morning dew. It is a splendid skiing resort for families with an excellent view of the mountains. Gentle beginners’ slope exists in proximity to the resort with varying terrain character catering to multiple ability levels.

2) Hotel Princesa Parc and Diana Parc, France:

This is another excellent skiing hotel for both adults and children and it finely blends high end luxury with a splendid offer of facilities and opportunity for fabulous skiing. The bowling alley and the games domain are very popular with families especially with the kids in an ecstatic fancy fairyland. The gondola station and the village centre are at a close advantageous proximity, and if you are enchanted at this, the health spa and the wellness centre are the ultimate pamperer and would guarantee you eternal relaxation. Recently, the Diana Parc section has undergone a major renovation evolving into a stunning five star indulgence.

3) Katschberg ski holidays, Austria:

This is a rather small resort with a bit of traditional outlook where you can fully uncoil and rejuvenate your aching muscles. From records, the snowfall here is quite heavy and you have an unrestricted panoramic view of the wonderful landscape with pine trees dotting the fringes. A thorough skiing atmosphere and yet the resort has a serene peaceful kind of vibes. The nursery slopes are commendable for beginners and intermediates and the ski instruction tutorials are unmatched and caring.

4) Borovets, Bulgaria:

This is among the top ten ski resorts where you get an opportunity of learning some serious skiing. This resort is charged with fun, frolic and a congenial atmosphere and is a family skier paradise in the truest sense. This animated resort is set amid dense greenery of pine forests inhabiting the Rila mountain range. This resort caters to the needs of all age group skiers starting from beginners and intermediates to professionals with excellent English speaking skiing coaches. The slopes are picturesque flanked with pine forests. Opportunity for fine dining exists with some great restaurants serving continental cuisine and authentic local delicacies as well. Some great bars would take your breath away.

5) La Thuile ski holidays, Italy:

Here, the chief advantage is you need not queue at all because of the arrangement for high tech lifts in operation. You can have a boundless exploration of the area without any restriction whatsoever. La Thuile is an amazing combination of traditional and modern set ups, a fine blend between an old type mountain hamlet and a deluxe state- of- the- art Planibel complex. The vast expanse of 150 km of skiing area caters to the needs of all sorts of skiing talents starting from crude first timers to advanced performers.

6) Andorra La Vella, Andorra:

Andorra is a great skiing country with modern skiing resorts well known for quality ski instruction tutorials. There are upgraded lift systems, and ski areas having a wide range of terrains for skiers at all ability levels, and all this very reasonably priced. The atmosphere is friendly both inside the chalets and on the skiing terrain. The property covers excellent pistes of 210 km. The food is great as is the health spa at Huga.

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