Top holiday destinations in France – Best tourist attractions, travel spots, Popular places to visit in France

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France, popular for its exotic wines and delicious cheese, is considered to be the world’s most attractive tourist destination that attracts around 82 million foreign travelers on yearly basis. Globe trotters are overtly fascinated by the historic cities, a stunning countryside, and the Loire Valley castles and of course for Brittany and Normandy. Apart from that, the country has an pleasant climate, some outstanding and pristine beaches on French Riviera, the Atlantic shoreline and the islet of Corsica, extensive facilities for winter activities, most remarkably the Alps and an affluent traditions with food and vintage wines. If you are still wondering where you should go this year for vacation, then France is surely the place for you. The 10 best holiday destinations in France will indubitably make your vacation the most memorable one!

  • Eiffel Tower- The dream place of all the tourists from all over the world is Eiffel Tower. Sometimes or the other, you must have wanted to pay a visit to the tower. It is a sign and symbol of Paris and this is one of the most renowned tourist attractions in France. The tower was established by Gustave Eiffel as the entrance for International Exhibition of Paris.

  • Dune of Pyla- One of the most visited place in the Bay area of Arcachon, the Dune of Pyla is reported to be the tallest sand bank in entire Europe. The vista overlooking the amazing Atlantic coast is clearly seen from the peak of the sandbank and the downside of the bay. The huge pine forest is also seen from the dune.

  • Chartres Cathedral- The most conserved Chartres Cathedral of the city is one of the premium instances of the French Gothic fashion. The mass of the unique stained glass windows continue to exist undamaged, where the structural design can be seen only with some minor changes of 13th century.

  • Palais des Papes- One of the biggest and most significant Gothic structures in the world is Palais des Papes. This was established while Pope Clement V discarded Rome in the year 1309. The 10 feet broad lofty walls, watchtowers and portcullises are the highlights of the castle-like palace.

  • Chateau de Chambord – It is a work of genius of the French Renaissance. Structure of this kind of master piece began in the year 1519 by King François I so that he could hound in the close by forests. This is one of the most visited places in France.

  • Gorge du Verdon – It  is a 25 kilometer long valley and increases a fantastic 2,300 feet from the below Verdon river. Travelers flock here for the beautiful water sport activities like kayaking, rafting, sailing and water skiing.

  • Mont Saint-Michel – It is a very small tidal islet situated off the shoreline of Normandy. A fabulous and stunning Norman Benedictine Abbey is positioned at the top of the stony island enclosed by the meandering lanes and elaborated architecture of the medieval city.

  • Palace of Versailles – It was established in the year 1624 by Louis XIII.  With the historical ethnicity of French culture, The Palace of Versailles used to be the main residence of the King. Visitors go there to have a feel of old French charm.

  • Chamonix – It is a renowned ski resort situated at the foothills of Mont Blanc. In winter season the top-notch skiers and boarders thrust themselves to some exciting water sports.

  • St Tropez- Situated at the bank of French Riviera, St Tropez is recognized for its eminent and enormously rich summer tourists. It is the place for all the fashion-lovers, millionaires and cultured people. You can also spot some well-known celebrities in this place.


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