Top 5 hot spots to enjoy the Super bowl Season in the United States of America

Superbowl is to America is perhaps what a world cup football is to Brazil may be the former season in America wraps up with a more feverish pitch. Unofficially, Superbowl is the American season for celebrations and holidays. This super big game is very much a part of the Yankee psyche. It is boiling in American blood which is an inseparable part of the American system. Here we go with a few of great vacationing destinations spread across the States to enjoy this super game and find out what this grand spectacle mean to these destinations:

Scottsdale, Arizona:

Image Source : AzBigMedia.Com

If you have decided to spend the fun packed American super bowl season with your friend in Arizona, it would not be a bad idea to spend those days of unrestricted excitement in a sprawling property of a former Superbowl star located in Scottsdale. Kurt Warner is a familiar name in Superbowling circles, and his former property has been remodeled into a resort type luxury. For $ 150000 seven nights vacation package, you get to relax in a six bedroom comfort for an entire week. The star facilities include a Home theatre, a massage table and a pool. The entire ambience is classy and makes sure you have a great week watching the Superbowl amid an unlimited extravagance. There is great news for the golfers as they would get to play their rounds in an innovatively designed Camel Back golf course located close by.

Scottsdale $225000 for 7 night package:


In this exclusive Superbowl package, you get 6 bedroom comfort where you and seventeen of your friends can enjoy a weeklong stay in extreme comfort. This expansive property is just a stone’s throw distance from the central business district. After having your food prepared at the designer kitchen, you will have the facility of maid service to ensure you full relaxation with the option of taking a siesta in comfy jacuzzi. You can relish a privileged and wonderful view of the negative edge of a pool, and the most exciting news is your rented accommodation is located in the Camelback mountain top.

Scottsdale at $ 10000 per night:


This is an amazing property out on a rental of $10000 a night. This is the right place to take pleasure of a Superbowl vacation in which one would be enthralled to stand on the patio watching television while sipping iced beer. Occasionally, you would be casting a glance at the smoldering fire pit in the background. It is a 4 bedroom property overlooking a heated pool to keep you warm and relaxed. There is a great sitting arrangement in an expansive lounge and a gas grill installed where you enjoy your roast meat.

Phoenix property rental at a flat rate of $30000:


This superbowl vacationing property is designed to cater to mega large groups offering a sleeping arrangement for thirty tourists in an expansive 9 bedroom accommodation. This is the largest sleeping accommodation in the entire Phoenix area. There are gadgets for fun and entertainment installed within the property. There is a kid’s pool where the children enjoy various water slides before dropping into the pool in a fun splash! For adults, there is an open unrestricted view of the picturesque mountains. Outdoor arrangement for having dinner directly amid nature exists.

Auto battery bar, Seattle:

Image Source :  AutoBatteryBar.Com

This is one of the chicest properties in Seattle’s Capitol Hill region. A lot of innovation has been put into this property by brilliant minds, and this place stands out unique in its own way quite different from other similar properties in the locality. Auto battery is a hybrid bar nestled in a building that was previously an auto workshop. The ambience is casual with a kind of auto garage atmosphere built in. Try out the branded specialty drinks that leave you exhilarated. This is a fitting vacation establishment to enjoy the spirit of Superbowl.

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