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Things to do in the Beverly Hills Golden Triangle

Things to do in the Beverly Hills Golden Triangle

Los Angeles is a beautiful place usually preferred by many couples for their honeymoon destination. Even the family with kids and elderly people are also welcome in this trip.  The management of Urban Adventures has made the tour package very attractive with the visit to many attractive places, lot of activities and food. It is also very fascinating to speak with the local people and know about their lifestyle and culture. Through this trip, each visitor will be in a state to know about the power as well as privilege of the Beverly Hills’. You can also enjoy the chow down an iconic bakery that is famous for cup cake.

Highlights of the tour

  • For the tasty sweet treat, you can hit up the world famous cupcakes from sprinkles
  • In this trip you can easily balance the brain food with that in the stomach and get to know about a unique media museum
  • Tourists can discover the legendary Rodeo drive and quirks
  • The local gourmet shop will definitely provide nibbles on treats
  • You can also have a look at the impressive family owned art gallery

Style of tour

Within this tour package, you will know about the culture and local life of the people residing there. It will be really fascinating to know about the history and heritage of the same.  Food and drink will be included along with walking as well as orientation.

The tour authority will also include a well mannered English speaking guide, gourmet tastings and also the entrance fees to get inside the museum.


Some food and drinks will be excluded from the package which is consumed in personal perspective. If you want to give tips to the guide for his service, you have to exclude it from the list.

Group size and other information

When you are in a tour package, you have to know about the heads included in the tour. Here, maximum of 12 people will be taken by a single guide. The entire tour will be completed in the tenure of 3 hours. The location from where the tourists will be picked up is the electric Fountain, Wilshire Boulevard and NE corner of Santa Monica.

The local bus available are 316, 704. 20, 720 and 4. The pickup time for the journey will be 10:00 am in the morning.  You must produce your voucher when you are starting your trip. It is important to contact Los Angeles Urban Adventures 24 hours before the time of departure for booking conformation.

What to carry?

When you are travelling, it is suggested to bring one refillable bottle to keep on drinking and filling back the drinking water. This is to quench your thirst during the hot days. You are also suggested to bring some reusable bag so that you can keep the things and gift items which you have bought in the way.

Dress standard

Since you have to walk as long as 2 miles in total, it is suggested to wear very comfortable shoes so that you don’t end up with pain you’re your feet. Comfortable clothing along with sun glasses and sunscreen lotion is recommended.


Beverly Hills’ is the complete package for gourmet fare, heaven of art and natural beauty. You will be able to avail the pleasure of the window shopping at Rodeo drive of the golden triangle.  Throughout the tourist destination you will be able to beautiful art galleries, museums and the gardens. An average tourist might have missed very attractive by rare tourist spots. But over here we are there to provide different unknown destination with the realities of Beverly Hills’.

You will be taken down to the Rodeo drive but not just for the window shopping. Rather, you will get the view of historic architecture, life of the local people from their stories and unknown quirky facts.

The tourists will become diabetic with the tour filled with sweets along with gourmet chocolate and the rustic cheese. You have never had consumed the original cup cakes of the iconic baker ever before visiting Los Angeles. You can sample around each and every variety of cup cakes to get the taste of each variety.

You must think of checking your sugar before coming to Los Angeles tour as you cannot resist the sweet items over here. The impressive family owned gallery with the master pieces of Dali, Rembrandt and Renoir. The unique museum in Los Angeles can be viewed by each and every tourists in this trip.


[googlemap src=”https://maps.google.co.in/maps?q=Los+Angeles,+CA,+United+States&hl=en&ll=34.068161,-118.240356&spn=0.078352,0.169086&sll=34.061697,-118.326685&sspn=0.156715,0.338173&oq=los+angels&hnear=Los+Angeles,+Los+Angeles+County,+California,+United+States&t=m&z=13″ width=”600″ height=”400″ align=”aligncenter” ]

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