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Texas Restaurants, Hotels – Top 10 Restaurants for the Best Delicacies in Texas, USA

Texas is a wonderful place to explore various food destinations as well. You will surely love to taste the wonderful delicacies at the various restaurants in Texas and due to this reason; it is considered one of the best tourist destinations as well. Below mentioned are the top 10 restaurants of Texas, which are also ranked among the top tourist attractions.

  • Big Texan Steak Ranch – This is the best restaurant that is located in Amarillo in Texas. The steak dinner in this place is known to be extremely famous. When spending time here, you can experience of authentic feel of Texas. The comfortable setting here, which includes wooden tables and looking at the lovely food cooked in open grill and also with the amazing entertainment that is provided by the cowgirls, cowboys and musicians, you will surely love this place.

  • Gaido’s – This renowned restaurant is situated in Galveston in Texas. It has maintained the wonderful tradition of superiority for more than 85 years. The deserts and sauces that are available here are known to be the original Gaido’s family recipes. The ambience of this place is extremely pleasing and the Gulf coast seafood is the best thing to be enjoyed here.

  • Mi Tierra Cafe and Bakery – If you are in search of the place that serves delicious Mexican food, then this restaurant could be the right choice for you. This restaurant is family owned and is situated in market square. You can enjoy the lip-smacking Mexican candies and pastries here.

  • Foreign & Domestic – This is a wonderful restaurant that has the best crowd filled with youngsters. While having food, you can also enjoy the music here. The husband and wife chefs of this place make sure to provide you with mouth-watering dishes.

  • Takoba – This is one of the best places to dine as it is a very beautiful taco hut and also one of the very best margarita gardens of the place. You can have the best weekend here as you can enjoy the delicious brunch with menudo and migas.

  • Frank – This famous place is situated in Colorado, where you can enjoy having the amazing homemade hot dogs and also enjoy the beer here. You can also enjoy the best coffee here.

  • Second Bar and chicken – Chef David Bull is the best in experimenting a variety of dishes and this restaurant is considered the best in Austin for this reason. Various delicacies like braised short ribs, rotisserie chicken, delicious burger and fries can be thoroughly enjoyed in this place.

  • Iron Works – The food lovers are sure to love this place. If you want to check out for the best barbeque and the amazing beef sausage in Texas style, this restaurant can be the ultimate choice for you.

  • Uchiko – If you are missing Japanese cuisine in Texas, you can visit Uchiko. The delicacies of this restaurant are such that you will feel as though you have visited Japan.

  • Contigo – When you are at Contigo, you should never miss the South Texas goat and the wonderful Beef tongue terrine. These can be enjoyed to the greatest extent on the picnic tables.

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