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Switzerland Cafes, Restaurants – Best 10 Cafes & Bistros in Switzerland

Switzerland Cafes

Switzerland is one of the most visited places in Europe and has people from the entire world visiting this place all around the year. There are many nice and warm cafes spread in the country and each is unique in their own small ways. It always feels great to sip on to some nice, creamy and warm coffee in this cold country. Though there are many cafes and bistros in all the important cities of this country like Zurich, Geneva, Bern etc, we have given here a list of some coffee joints who serve delicious coffee along with nice food. Here are the names of best 10 cafes and bistros in Switzerland.

  • Cafe Henrici: This Zurich based cafe is a favourite among people who wants their coffee with the perfect latte. The atmosphere is cosy and warm. They serve delicious breakfast and if you are visiting this cafe which we recommend that you must, you should go for their flammkuchen.
  • Cafe Schober: Right in middle of Zurich, this coffee shop is a major tourist attraction as they sell some world-class pastries. This beautifully decorated cafe has huge varieties of pastries, jam, macarons, honey etc. The perfect place to have a good time with friends.
  • Terrasse du Lac: This ice-cream parlour serves the best ice-creams in Geneva and has the best selection of the same. This place offers a great view which you can enjoy while gorging your favourite ice-cream or drinking fresh beer. You also get many candy and syrup drinks here of the finest choice.
  • Cafe Zahringer: They prepare their dishes from organically grown fruits and vegetables or seasonal fruits and vegetables. Their menu include warm and fresh coffees, tea, home-made cakes, salads, soups, spaghetti and different kinds of drinks like wine, beer and even non-alcoholic drinks. This is one of the most popular cafes in Zurich.
  • Teecafe Schwarzenbach: This delightful cafe has a wonderful atmosphere. Located near Grossmunster, they roast their own coffee bean and serve amazingly blended coffee. You can order their delicious cheesecake or some creamy cookies to team up with your coffee.
  • Cafe Noir: This place has the perfect environment for chilling out with friends, working with your laptop as Wi-Fi is free or just sitting in one corner and reading a novel. They serve delicious coffee and beautifully designed cakes. Their lunch menu is equally delectable.
  • Bar Cafeteria Amici Miei: Prefect place to enjoy an espresso or cappuccino and order some nice Italian dishes. Located in Basel, this cafe offers a cosy ambience and a friendly and helpful staff.
  • Caffe Fortuna: This Basel based cafeteria serves delicious coffee along with nice cakes, pastries and cookies.  If you are in town, make sure of trying their chocolate cake and white hot chocolate. The comfortable ambience makes it a great place to spend the evenings.
  • Tingle Kringel: This nice cafe is located in Bern and is a popular tourist destination. With warm, fresh coffee and bagels, they offer a nice environment where you can sit and enjoy your coffee along with your friends or someone special.
  • Adriano’s: This Italian styled coffee bar serves perfectly blended coffee along with sandwiches, Panini and gazoza. Make sure of tasting their cappuccino.

The above mentioned cafes and bistros are truly inviting places for the tourists as they can enter into any one of them during their sightseeing or travelling ventures in Switzerland. The Swiss country is laden with many more eateries and cafe corners, make sure to taste their delicious offerings during your stay.

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