Singapore NightLife Places – Top Ten Places compliment the dark hours of Singapore

Singapore NightLife Places

Singapore is a place of out and out professional people. So they are quite busy in doing their hectic jobs in the daytime. But night is the time for them to enjoy life thoroughly. The following places energize the dark hours of Singapore the best.

  • Avalon: Avalon is one of sexiest night clubs of Singapore.  This club optimizea the nightlife of Singapore people with vibrant colours. Loud yet soothing music of Avalon suits your party mood perfectly. This psychedelic lights and sparking crystal highlights the energy of this place. Roman and Williams, two celebrated interior designers give an awesome look to this place.
  • Panega: Panega is located in the hot and happening beach of Marina. Panega has opened its gate at September 2011. Within two years it witnesses a huge success. Therefore it is being considered as the International King of Clubs now. Micheal Ault, the master minded this club. The hot and happening atmosphere of this place will wipe out all your stress and refresh you totally.
  • Zouk: Zouk has set up its own benchmark. It leads Singapore to make its own place in the world dance map. Zouk is mostly renowned for its sexy home music. Their hot and sexy home music force you to rock the dance floor. This is perhaps the one and only club in Singapore that dares to showcase its originality with home music. So if you want to go crazy with music then Zouk is the ideal nightclub for you.
  • Ku De Ta: Ku De Ta can elevate your party mood to the extreme. Top class DJs are here to welcome you to the dance floors. They will flatter you, pamper you and make you wild by playing the exclusive collection of music that you will never get anywhere else. Therefore this club is nicknamed as Best Hotel Night Club. Internationally famous Chefs are also here to serve you yummy dishes.
  • Attica and Attica too: The design of Attica and Attica too resembles the design of New York bars. The combination of bars and restaurants gives it an added advantage. People can enjoy eating, drinking at parting under the same roof.
  • Home Club: Home club is one of the conventional clubs of Singapore. It is mostly known for its home like décor. Its homely atmosphere gives you the sense that you are partying in your own place. The dazzling live performances in Home Club attract crowd.
  • The Butter Factory: The Butter Factory is the place for hip hop lovers. The name voices uniqueness. This club is going butter you in every means. The romantic atmosphere will melt you and give you an indefinable pleasure.
  • ST James Power Station: This club will rock you with its power packed live performances. It accommodates a large number party animals and set them free to growl like anything. So the loud atmosphere of ST James Power Station is just breath taking.
  • DBL O Complex: DBL O Complex is famous among lady party mongers. The Thursday Nights of this club is exclusive reserved and preserved for the girlfriend. Yes! A sure bad luck for boys because they are not allowed here at Thursday night. But guys can also taste the mood this club on the rest of week.
  • Zirca: Zirca is known as of the finest and inexpensive nightclub of Singapore. On Thursdays it opens its doors for girls only. And the best part of this club is, on Thursdays girls can get three free drinks.

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