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Spain is one of the amazing countries with many attractive tourist attractions. This country is well-known for its wonderful magnificence. You can visit many places here and have the best time of your life with your beloved ones. The nature’s serenity, various festivals and outdoor fun are the best here. The top most Tourist Destinations in Spain are –

  • Palacio Real – It is located at Madrid, a royal palace and official residence of the king, it is used only for state ceremony. The royal palace of Madrid is known to be finest palaces in Spain. This palace contains 3418 room and the room is decorated with artwork such as paintings by artists – Velazquez, Caravaggio, Francisco de Goya and frescoes by Corrado Giaquinto , Anton Raphael Mengs and Giovanni Battista Tiepolo. The other collections in the building are Porcelain, Furniture, Royal Armoury, Silverware and Watches.
  • La Concha – It is the best beaches in Spain situated in San Sebastian. Here you can do activities such as surfing, snorkeling and enjoy the beautiful scenery. It is surrounded by steep cliffs and islands.
  • Aqueduct of Segovia – It is  the best monuments left by Romans in Spain. It is built at 50 AD. It carries water from river Frio and some granite blocks are constructed in Segovia without using mortar. It is located in Iberian Peninsula and it is a part of UNESCO.
  • Sagrada Familia – It is a renowned tourist destination in Spain and it is located at Barcelona. It is a largest Roman Catholic church of Barcelona which was designed by Antoni Gaudi. By going long walk or elevator makes you to reach the top of a tower and you can have a superb view over Barcelona.
  • Alhambra Palace – It was built in 14th century by Nasrid sultans and it is a palace complex with the royal ruins of the golden age of Andalusia located on hill at the edge of Granada city. Alhambra Palace is a remarkable tourist destination in Spain.
  • Mezquita de Cordoba – It is a great mosque built during the period of Moorish occupation and is the superb Islamic monument in the western world. It was constructed in 785 during the time of Abd-ar RRahman and it is a capital of al-Andalus.
  •  El Escorial – It is a building complex located in Madrid. It is the most essential architectural monument of Spanish regeneration. It was established by King Philip II with a multiple purpose – as a burial place of his father Charles V and a palace.
  • Pamplona – Running of the Bulls – It is the most popular events of Spain in San Fermin festival which is held every year that is in July. The participants in the events must be atleast 18 years old. The people who participate in this event run in the same directions as the bulls. It is known as a dangerous game which may lead people to death.
  • Cuenca – It is declared as a World Heritage site which spreads out below the Arab castle. It is a small city that lies below the Jucar plain. The oldest part of Cuenca is surrounded on three sides by a deep gorge carved by two rivers, the Huecar and the Jucar. It is famous for its hanging houses. The one of these houses is the museum of Spanish Abstract Art.
  • Picasso Museum – It is located in Barcelona and is known to be a remarkable tourist destination in Spain. The Picasso Museum is built in memory of the great painter Pablo Picasso. But the museum does not have any painting collection of Picasso but the collection is unique. There you will find the sketches of Picasso’s life and his development as an artist.

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