Singapore Restaurants – Top 10 Lip-smacking places in Singapore

Singapore Restaurants

Singapore is surely an ideal place for food lovers. The cuisines, décor, chefs, cordiality and friendly ambience of the eateries in Singapore make them stand apart from others of different countries. You just cannot ignore any of the cuisines serves in these restaurants as they all have exclusive tastes really to leave behind a lasting impression on your taste buds. The following restaurants can please the appetite of food lovers for sure.

  1. Andre: Anre is one on the most celebrated restaurants in Asia. The rather unusual and spicy yet healthy French Singaporean food will surely satisfy your appetite for good cuisine. This restaurant is named after its master chef Andre Chiang. He is the disciple of many renowned chefs of France like Gagnaire, Robuchon, Jean and Barbout. He came back to Asia last year and stated his new venture in Singapore.
  2. Fifty Three: Fifty Three restaurant flags the Scandinavian charm of Chef Micheal Han. He took his training at Copenhagen’s Noma. He chose a hundred years old haunted house to mastermind his Fifty Three. Han’s South Indian cuisines like fried chicken oysters full of soya powder are the great odd to winter.
  3. Waku Ghin: Waku Ghin is located in Marina Bay Sands. This restaurant is the brain child of Sydney. You will be offered dishes like roasted ducks, steamed bassa with burnt chili paste and shrimp laden nasi gureng here.
  4. Sam at Forest: If you want to pamper your stomach with the special cuisines of Sam at Forest you must book the tables in advance. The internationally known chef Sam Leong started to run this restaurants a few years ago. But he recently added a full stop to his business and started a cookery school. But he used to open his restaurant once in a month for the food lovers.
  5. One on the Bund: One on the Baund is one of the sexiest restaurants of Singapore. Chef Calvin Yeung welcomes the food lovers here in a graceful manner. Contemporary yet classy dishes like Stir fried frogs, Szechuan pigs and crunchy duck jaws are served in table of foodies in this bayside restaurant.
  6. Ku De Ta: One has to face difficulties to reserve the table o Ku De Ta. Because this one best food place among Asia. Chef Dan Segal will impress you with stylish and chic Asian dishes. This place will not satisfy your appetite for good food surely. The overview of the lake and the skyline from Marina Beach also make the people speechless.
  7. Cassia: Cassia is mostly celebrated for its Chinese dinning room. The Chinese dinning room is made with a rare shell. This place is designed by architect Micheal Grave. Apart from good food they will offer you a glass of warm solace here. The overview of green hills is surely breathtaking.
  8. Tippling Club: Tipping Club is equipped with a cocktail lab, a green house. Its park type setting adds uniqueness to this place. The bars of this place resemble science labs. Drinks made of gels, foams, fruits and edible sand can give you an added pleasure here.
  9. Candlenut Kitchen:  Malcom Lee, the international Chef conceptualized Candlenut Kitchen. The combination of  Perankan, Malaysian and Indian dishes will take your heart. The well designed restaurant will provide a sense of serene to you.
  10. Iggy’s: This place s celebrated for its culinary kitchen. Chef Andres Lara impress you with unique dishes here. People love this place because of the awesome deserts they serve.

Singapore is a great place for foodies and its restaurant treat their customers at the best.

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