Singapore Beautiful beaches – Top 10 beautiful and lovely beaches of Singapore

Singapore Beautiful beaches

Most of the people select beaches of Singapore as their holiday spot with family and friends. We can see amazing sunset at the beach of Singapore. Children like to play in beach, boat riding and it is called as lovers spot. The top 10 beaches of Malaysia and Indonesia in Singapore are as follows.

  •  Sembawang Park Beach – It is known for its abundant marine life and it is well known as fishing spot. The visitors enjoy the activities in this beach such as boating, camping, cycling and kiye flying.
  • Changi Beach – The Changi Beach is located at the northeastern tip of Singapore. It is popular for overnight family picnics, Barbecue parties, camping and water sports activities especially on weekends. Basic amenities like shelters, barbecue pits and well-maintained restrooms are available for the visitors.
  • East Coast Park Beach – It is situated in south eastern coast of Singapore. It is lined with trees, shelters and barbecue pits and it is popular place for visitors to rest and relax. Activities such skating and cycling are popular in this beach.
  • Palawan Beach – This amazing beach is situated in the centre of southern coast of Sentosa. It is known to be a very clean beach and is known to be extremely safe for swimming purpose. You can find many bars here that are situated along the beach side that offers the best food and variety of beverages. This beach is also known to be ideal for the kids to swim as it is extremely safe.
  • Punggol Beach – It is situated in north eastern in Singapore. It is a popular jetty and local people come here for fishing at weekends. Cycling, skating, boat riding are famous activities in this beach. It has white sands and sides are built with grass where people like to walk and spend time at night.
  • Siloso Beach – This beautiful beach is situated on the western portion of southern coast. It is known to be a very clean each and children can also make use of various activities. You can also find many dining and shopping places along the beach side. You can also play the wonderful beach volleyball here. Various activities like Kayaking, skim-boarding, rollerblading, cycling, and such other activities can be very well enjoyed.
  • Tanjong Beach – Tanjong Beach is a perfect place to enjoy the sun, sand and sea. It is a favourite among guests who treasure its tranquility and solitude. This beautiful stretch of beach gets especially romantic by night, with the twinkling lights of nearby ships providing a magical backdrop.
  • Trikora Beach – It is located northern tip of Bintan island, Singapore. It is beautiful and there are many seaports readily available. It has popular resorts such Bintan Bukit Kursi resort, Putri Pandan Resort and many more.
  • Sentosa Island – It is a popular island in Singapore. It is half kilometer away from the southern coast  of main island  of Singapore. It is fourth largest island of this place. It offers variety of attractions like tiger sky tower, butterfly park, merlion statue, Dolphin Lagoon and many more. You can get a stunning view of the open sea here. This is the most preferred beach island in Singapore/
  • Kusu Island – It is located in southern part of Singapore. It is known as one of the best beach in Singapore. It’s water is clear than Sentosa and it is possible to snorkel here. It is a smallest beach and also visitors will love it because of lot of adventures.

If you are craving for some beach time in Singapore, then these are the places you ought to visit.

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