Seven of the world’s most extreme places:

Traveling means different things to different people. Some people travel for relaxing and some others travel for work. Traveling helps you reach out and make your dreams come true. For some traveling means exploring and witnessing the profound wonders that nature has spread across the world. If you are among the last group of travelers then you will find that there are many extreme places in our world. To visit such places you need courage and guts. The explorers and adventurous travelers are always ready to face challenges thrown by nature and they are not afraid of hardships or hurdles. Visiting the extreme places can give you extreme pleasure of experiencing something extraordinary and exotic. In the following you will find details of the seven most extreme destinations around the world.


Lut Desert:

The Lut Desert located in Iran is the hottest destination of our planet. According to the estimations of NASA, which is based on the temperature measurement of highly competent satellites, the approximate temperature at this place crosses 71 degree Celsius or 159 degree Fahrenheit. The Lut Desert is spread over a vast region of 480 kilometers. Due to the high temperature of this area it is referred to as Gandom Beriyan which means toasted wheat in English. Some consider the Death Valley to be the hottest place on earth’s surface and Al Azizyah in Libya is also a tough contender for this post.

Mt. Chimborazo:

Though Mt. Everest has earned the title of the highest peak of this world, the Mt. Chimborazo is recognized as the highest peak situated just above the center of the earth. The height of this peak is 6,310 meters. It is located in Ecuador. Our earth is not a perfect sphere. It is actually an oblate spheroid. Reaching the top of Mt. Chimborazo is not as difficult as reaching the top of Mt. Everest. The inhabitants of Ecuador feel proud of their Mt. Chimborazo and it has become quite popular with tourists. The thrill of climbing this mountain stems from the fact that it is just above the earth’s center.

Challenger Deep:

The Challenger Deep is an almost unreachable place for normal travelers. It is the deepest point on the sea floor of our world. Measurements have been made with the help of submersibles and it has been found that the Challenger Deep is more than 10,898 meters deep. When measured using sonar Bathymetry the numbers get bigger. You will have to travel to the Mariana Islands on the Pacific Ocean to go near it. A ship can take you above the Challenger Deep which is situated at the northern side of the Mariana Trench. Director of the famous movie ‘Titanic’, James Cameron, is the third man who reached the bottom of the Challenger Deep and he is the first to do it alone.

Commonwealth Bay:

If you don’t mind braving cold wind blowing at high speed then you might enjoy traveling to the Commonwealth Bay. It is an open bay which has got a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. This bay is 48km wide. Go to the space between Point Alden and Cape Gray in Antarctica if you want to experience the fastest blowing winds. The speed of wind here is approximately 240 kilometers per hour daily. The annual average of the wind speed is also a staggering 80 km per hour. It has been acknowledged as the windiest place even in the Eighth Edition of National Geographic Atlas. One piece of sound advice for travelers is to keep their ears nicely and snugly covered.

The Dry Valleys:

The general conception about Antarctica says that it is covered with ice and glaciers. However, there is a place inside the Antarctic region which has almost no moisture. It is the driest place on the surface of the earth and aptly named the Dry Valleys. For the past two million years there has been no rainfall at this place. The Dry Valleys have been formed due to the Katabatic down winds which flows through this particular region at a speed of 200 mph.


Krubera Cave:

The Krubera Cave is the deepest cave of our earth and that’s why it is one of the extreme places that you can visit. It is 2,191 meters deep and you have to travel to the Gagra district situated at the north western part of Georgia. Reaching the bottom of this cave is a thrilling experience adventure lovers must not miss.

Angel Falls:

The highest waterfall of the world is also an extreme destination that you must visit. Angel Falls is located in Venezuela. Its total height is an astounding 3230 feet. The water of this fall comes down 2647 feet without any interruption. This beautiful waterfall is a part of the Rio Caroni river.

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