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Seven best places to hold a bachelor party

best places to hold a bachelor party

There is a wild side to all of us. Convention rules daily life but your bachelor party is the one golden opportunity to ditch convention and tradition for wild revelry. It is only once in a lifetime that we get to celebrate bachelorhood before leaving it behind us forever to enter matrimony. After marriage life changes and our responsibilities are increased. You may never get the chance to be as carefree as you are now. A great, fun destination and your closest buddies are all you need to have a blast on the bachelor’s party night. Some people are satisfied with a wild night at their own city or metropolis and some like to travel to places which seem to have been created solely for bachelor parties. Traveling to another place for celebrating bachelorhood has become quite a craze. Following are some of the best destinations where you can celebrate bachelorhood.

Las Vegas, Nevada

No bachelor-party-travel-destination list can skip the intriguing, fun and addictive Las Vegas. It is the ultimate place for celebrating the last day or night of your bachelordom. You will get everything here that you only dreamt of trying all your life. Go to the strip clubs and enjoy the numerous gambling games when you are at the one and only Sin City. At the Rio Secco club you can get cozy with the gorgeous caddie who is supposed to be your ally in playing 9 hole golf. It is the ideal place to have a hangover as long as you don’t get married to a stripper. Shoot at the vile zombies at The Gun Store located at the East Tropicana Ave. Drive down to Las Vegas and add a road trip with your bachelor party adventures.

New York City

If you do not have the privilege of being a resident of this amazing city then you should definitely visit it for your bachelor party. The New Yorkers are a restless lot of people and they seek entertainment and fun all the time. No wonder the city of plenty has so many great restaurants, night clubs, bars and hang-out. Ladies can go for crazy shopping spree and men can hop from one bar to another. With numerous strip clubs and pubs galore no one should have a problem in finding their choice of fun. The Big Apple is expensive but you do not get to enjoy bachelordom every day. Make great memories and try different cuisines. From beefy burgers, crammed with cheese and mayo to delicate continental delicacies, you will get everything and anything you desire at NYC.

The Florida Keys

If you want to visit a little uncommon place then you should try the Florida Keys. Miami is a favorite beach destination of millions but not many visit The Florida Keys for celebrating the end of their bachelorhood. It is located just a few hours away from Miami. You can go for serious and sportive fishing and make lots of new buddies at the Upper Keys. The Middle Keys will offer relaxation and the much needed break from city buzz. You can go for deep sea diving and get acquainted with the sea life. There are nice shopping destinations around the Florida Keys as well.

Austin, Texas

Bachelor parties need not be just about getting drunk and wasted. It is a time when you do the things that you will enjoy remembering even after decades. Austin in Texas is called ‘The Live Music Capital of the World’ and for very good reason. There are numerous live bands which perform all year round. There is a great variety of booze and foods available and you can enjoy a great night listening to a hip band and munching tasty tacos.

Montreal, Canada

If you want to get seduced at your bachelor’s party then you should go to Montreal. The city is full of awesome strip clubs. At clubs like Club Supersexe and Club Super Contact you will get public shows by trained and chiseled strippers. If you want something special then go to Kamasutra club where they will give you customized strip shows that you will never forget. There are lots of nice pubs and restaurants in Montreal and you can also enjoy gambling.

Paradise Island, Bahamas

This is a great sea resort for the beach lovers. The white stretch of soft sandy beach is sure to take your breath away. There is a wide array of fun activities to choose from and you can enjoy deep sea diving. The night life at this small beach island is also fantastic for a group of bachelors.


This is the best place for wild party lovers. You can enjoy getting cozy with sexy ladies or enjoy the street shows of magicians and fire eaters. The red light district is a hot spot for bachelors looking for some casual sex.

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